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Parts Express has added new functionality allowing your visitors to post questions to specific products they are considering purchasing on our website.We hope that you, our faithful and knowledgeable community, will share your expertise and deliver great answers to fellow audio enthusiasts by following the links below and answering their questions. Questions will accept multiple answers for further clarification or you can post a comment on an existing answer.

Start By Answering A Few Of These Questions...

The following products have unanswered questions as of April 26, 2016.

KXM-2-15 2 x 24 2 Poles 24 Positions Rotary Switch For Tube Audio Guitar Amplifier or Radio

Q: Are the switch contacts make-before-break (a.k.a. shorting)? Unless I missed it I don't see this in the specifications. Thanks --


KXM-2-15 4 x 24 4 Poles 24 Positions Rotary Switch For Tube Audio Guitar Amplifier or Radio

Q: Where are the poles located on this switch thinking of using it to run 3 humbuckers with no sector toggle connecting directly to switch


500 Ohm Potentiometer 1/4" Shaft

Q: How many turns is the P/N 023-500 potentiometer?


100K Ohm Potentiometer 1/4" Shaft

Q: What size knob fits this potentiometer? I want to use a "chicken head" style knob so settings can be seen easily. Thanks.


500K Audio Taper Potentiometer with Switch 1/4" Shaft

Q: I need the stereo version of these. Are they manufactured in such a way that I could buy two and take them apart to build myself a double one with switch?


Jantzen Audio 2.2uF 800V Z-Superior Capacitor

Q: how are these as coupling caps (tube preamp/linestage usage)?


TO-3P Silicone Insulator 10 pcs.

Q: What are the dims and thickness, who is the mfr and what is the C/W rating


Switchcraft EHRRSL Curved Rocker Switch I/O DPDT Black/Nickel with 4-40 screws

Q: Is this switch a simple On / On style? Could it be used as a speaker selector switch?


DPDT Rocker Switch

Q: Is this switch normally open? Closed only when pushed and held one way or the other.


Momentary N.O. Raised Push Button Switch Red

Q: it's possible to have the datasheet of this switch.  The actual dimention, with the cutting dimention and the overall dimention of the switch?  Thanks.  Jc


Ultra-Bright White 3mm (T1) LED 1500 mcd

Q: Hi. I am looking for something to replace LED's in solar garden lights. You can no longer get the set of lights we have. They have a 1.5v rechargeable battery and solar panel. What can I use? They are 1.5v with a Joule thief.


Lavolta LED Lighting Strip T 3-Way 4-Pin Female to Female Connector 10 Pieces

Q: I want to use your led light strip product to light the sides, and steps of a 4 step stool. It appears that I can either use the "L" connectors, or the "3 way", which would be better, & what else would I need with either to encompass the stool?


Lavolta RGB 300 SMD5050 LED 16 ft. Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65 for Standalone or Add-On Strip to Lavolta KIT-1

Q: Can I run these strips inside of a acrylic tube without heat problems? I will be running 40' length. Thanks


Lavolta Adjustable Sound Activated Music Controller with Effects for LED Lighting Strips

Q: Can this be set to individual colors to pulse to the beat of a song. As in the led stip will light up when I detects a beat?


Lavolta Warm White 100 String LED Lighting with 6 VDC Power Adapter

Q: What is the spacing between lights on the wire and how long is the lead wire from the power supply?


Lavolta Pro TM1809 LED Intelligent Digital Programmable LED Smart Strip 16 ft. IP67 Water/Dust Proof

Q: I want to run these around the perimeter of my home theater, which would take 4.5 strips. Should I split the load across both channels? How many 12V power supplies will I need for optimum brightness?


Lavolta Pro TM1809 LED Intelligent Digital Programmable LED Smart Strip 16 ft. IP67 Water/Dust Proof

Q: If these strips are connected in series, must I run an additional 12V line to the second (and subsequent) strips? Is there an adapter for the power supply to accomplish this?


Lavolta Pro LED Light Strip TM1809 Bundle with LPC1 Intelligent Controller and Power Supply

Q: It says number 133 is a "custom combination mode" How do I set that up? This looks awesome on my boat!


NTE RB12 Alarm and Signal Buzzer 12VAC

Q: Hi i need some help i want to install a intercom buzzer in my home for my grandma she will be 100 this year and dosent speak very loud so a buzzer from upstairs to downstairs to let us know if she needs anything at night something loud but inexpensive 


M3 x 16mm Cap Head Wood Screws Black 100 Pcs.

Q: Are these the correct screws for Tang Band W3-2108 3-1/2" RBM Micro Subwoofer 4 Ohm? and if so, which fasteners or bolts do I order with them. Thanks.


RCA Male to Screw Terminal Connector

Q: How close together can the female plugs be to be able to use four of these in a 2x2 grid? (ie what are the items dimensions?


BNC Female to Screw Terminal Connector

Q: Who's the mfg and the country of origin please?


Parts Express 3.5mm Mono Plug

Q: Does this device have a screw so I can use it as an antenna connector?


XLR Connector Chassis Mount Female 3 Pin

Q: Is there a hole spec for item #090-349 XLR panel mount connector? Does it use M2 screws to mount?


UHF PL-259 Connector

Q: Will this connector fit the outer diameter of RG-6 coax? If not, do you have a PL-259 connector that will fit RG-6 coax?


Parts Express Banana Plug Red

Q: What size is the banana plug? Need 5 or 5.5 mm


Parts Express Dual Binding Post 1 Red 1 Black

Q: Can you completely unscrew the nut so a ring terminal can be used?


1.3mm PC Mount DC Jack

Q: pinout?


2.1mm Metal Panel Mount DC Jack

Q: What is the size of the thread?


2.5mm Metal Panel Mount DC Jack

Q: What is the maximum panel thickness you can use with this? The tip can be either (+) or (-)? I assume the body of the jack where it mounts doesn't have continuity with the outer (normally neg) terminal of the jack as in other DC panel jacks then?


Phoenix Type Connector 3-Pole 5mm Pitch 4-Pack

Q: Will these work for and on a Crown CTs 1200 Amplifier for the input since it has no 1/4",RCA,XLR,or Speakon connections on the rear panel???


Phoenix Type Connector 4-Pole 5mm Pitch 4-Pack

Q: Will these work on a Episode EA-MR-SSVC-6? They need to be removable screw-down connectors, hot-stamped with left and right polarity, and need to accept 16 AWG speaker wire


Gold 1/4" Mono Phone Plug Black

Q: What is the length of the casing? Switchcraft 280 are 1" / 27mm. Are these as short?


Neutrik NL4MP-UC Speakon Connector 4 Pole Panel Mount

Q: I'm confused re the NL4MP-UC connector. Under highlights it says "4-pole female connector". I assume the highlights part is referring to the cable connector. Is this correct? Which cable connectors are compatible with NL4MP-UC?


Neutrik Rean NYS352G RCA Plug Connector Gold

Q: Will these work on a small 14/16 gauge coaxial speaker wire (approx 3 mm)?


StreetWires UCT1425BL Super Cable Series 14 AWG Speaker Wire 25 ft.

Q: Are the ends already stripped and ready to use? Nice when you can take it out of the package and use immediately instead of searching for wire cutters, etc.


StreetWires UCT1225BL Super Cable Series 12 AWG Speaker Wire 25 ft.

Q: What material is covering the oxygen fee stranded copper wire? PVC/ PTFE/ Aerated PTFE?


Parts Express Ferrite Core 3/8" Cable Cord Noise Suppressor

Q: I would like a few of these to use on my computer power cord, my tv and refrigerator cords. I also want to use one on my 1/0gage amp wire in my truck. What sizes should I buy? Thanks


12V CT 5A Power Transformer (6.3V-0-6.3V)

Q: Part#120-205 12v 5a power transform  Is this a 2.5 Amp as labeled or 5 Amp as listed. I will be using 12.6 volt at up to 4.8 Amp with a 5 amp fuse and I do not like smoke.


Hammond 1650P Ultra-Linear Audio Output Transformer for Tube Push-Pull Hi-Fi Circuits 60W

Q: What choke would be a best match for this X-frmr?


Tenergy Industrial Grade 2/3AA Cell Rechargeable NiMH Battery 700mAh with Tabs

Q: If I were to wire 8 of these in series to get 9.6v, how would I charge the cells? And with what charger do you recommend?


Tenergy Industrial Grade 4/5A Cell Rechargeable NiMH Battery 2000mAh with Tabs

Q: What is the length and diameter of Tenergy Industrial Grade 4/5A Cell Rechargeable NiMH Battery 2000mAh with Tabs (142-0215) in MM?  I'm looking for 42MM long with 17MM diameter to replace the battery in a Bruan Electric Tooth Brush.  Thanks and regards


Tenergy 18650 3.7V Button Top Li-Ion Cell Battery with Built-In Protection 2600mAh

Q: What is the size of this battery and what type of charger can be used to re-charge it?


Parts Express HDMI Super Slim 4x4 True Matrix

Q: Is it automatic? I mean will it send input 1 to all 4 video outs? then if input 1 is off and I turn input 2 on will it automatically send signal to all 4 outputs? Or do you have to manually switch ? THANKS


Easy IR Extender Dual Band Target

Q: How can I split the emitter signals? I am using this with the 4x4 HDMI matrix (180-632) and I nee more than 1 emitter per output. Is there a multiple emitter cable that can be purchased? 


Wired Home DBIRX Infrared Repeater System Kit Dual Band

Q: Does this work with Marantz devices? (Specifically AV receiver SR8002?) Some of the other inexpensive repeaters on the market say they don't support Marantz devices.


NextGen ATH-433 RF Remote Control Extender 433.92 MHz

Q: How long must you charge batteries when completely dead?


Parts Express HDMI Audio Extractor with Toslink and L&R Audio

Q: Netflix often streams their audio in Dolby Digital Plus. Will this device downconvert DD+ to ordinary Dolby Digital (AC-3) for Toslink output ? Also, will it downconvert HD audio to lossy audio via Toslink? Thanks


Parts Express HDMI Audio Extractor with Toslink and L&R Audio

Q: Do the digital audio outputs (Toslink and RCA) of this unit pass resolutions of up to 192kHz/24 bit? Some HDMI extractors do not, and instead operate or downsample to a lower resolution, which is what I want to avoid.


Parts Express HDMI Audio Extractor with Toslink and L&R Audio

Q: Can the HDMI signal pass through when the device is not powered on?


DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter Optical / Coaxial / USB

Q: Will your DAC, part no. 180-998 work with my LG tv which only has a digital coaxial audio output in 2.1 PCM format? I'd be connecting it to the RCA input on my stereo.


Dayton Audio Shadow Mount USAM37 Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount for 19-37"

Q: What is the distance from center on mount to outside edge of center swivel when closed?


Xantech 791-44 One Zone Amplified Connecting Block

Q: Setup of 10 (same model) TV's on the wall. I'm looking for a remote control solution which will allow me to control each TV independently with the same remote. Am I headed in the right direction with the Xantech 791-44 One Zone Amplified Connecting Block?


Open House Cover For H336 Enclosure

Q: What are the dimensions?  


AR AP090N Component Video 3 RCA to 3 RCA Cable 3 ft .9m

Q: Are the connectors gold flash? Thickness?


RCA ANT1052F Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

Q: how do I unassemble this antenna?


FiiO M3 Portable Digital Lossless Music Player

Q: I like to organize my music artists under different folders. Can the FiiO handle this?


FiiO X3 2nd Gen Portable High Resolution Music Player

Q: In the general description it lists AIFF, but doesn't list this type of file under the specs. Which is is? can it play AIFF files or not?


SMSL Q5 PRO Stereo Amplifier USB Optical Coaxial DAC with Subwoofer Output 2x40W

Q: Is this version 2 or version 3 of Q5 Pro?


SMSL Q5 PRO Stereo Amplifier USB Optical Coaxial DAC with Subwoofer Output 2x40W

Q: Is there a fan inside the box of SMSL Q5 PRO to improve the cooling?


SMSL Q5 PRO Stereo Amplifier USB Optical Coaxial DAC with Subwoofer Output 2x40W

Q: Hello, I am a little confused by the answer above about using the USB input. The answer says it cannot be used as a computer interface. Okay, can it take usb audio output from the computer and play it? The USB surely is connected to the onboard DAC?


SMSL Q5 PRO Stereo Amplifier USB Optical Coaxial DAC with Subwoofer Output 2x40W

Q: When using it in USB mode, is the input sensitivity decent? Can it be driven to maximum output reasonably easily? In other words, does it have enough gain in USB mode, even with quieter/less dynamic music files, Youtube audio etc.   


SMSL SA-36A Pro TPA3118D2DAP Stereo Amplifier 2 x 20W

Q: I have a the SMSL-SA-36A Pro/Part 230-212 Stereo Amp.  Could you let me know the max wire size that will fit through the binding post hole?  Do they make spades this small? If so what size would I order. Thanks for your time. Sherril


SMSL SA-98E TDA7498E Stereo Amplifier 2 x 160W

Q: What class is this amplifier?


SMSL SA-160 TDA7498E 2 x 160W Stereo Amplifier with Headphone Amp

Q: The manufacturer lists a 5.7 amp power supply with this amp, but this product listing indicates a 4.0 amp power supply.  What power supply does this come with?


SMSL A2 TDA7492 2 x 40W Stereo Amplifier with Sub Out

Q: Is the sub out connection a variable stereo line level connection? IE, could it be used as a stereo preamp? 


SMSL MINI 5 TDA7492 2 x 50W Mini Stereo Amplifier

Q: Is the volume control a conventional potentiometer or a digital control?


Grado Prestige Series Green1 Replacement Stylus Needle

Q: I have a Grado GP3 stylus with a broken needle and am wondering if the green1 needle is the correct one for it.


Grado Prestige Series Blue1 Replacement Stylus Needle

Q: Is this the replacement stylus I need for an old Grado MF3 cartridge. Roughly 1978 cartridge? The photos look like it will fit, but my cartridge is brown in color, not black. (not worried about the color) just want to make sure it will work. 


Talent MS-1C Heavy Duty Steel Base Single Hand Microphone Stand

Q: What is the diameter of the base?


Talent iClaw Mic or Music Stand Holder for Apple iPad

Q: Hello and good day, I was wondering if the claws which secure the iPad would fit over an otter box (iPad cover)? With case, the iPad is approx 1" thick. Thank You and Best regards.


Floor / Surface Mount Stage Box with Two XLR Female and Two 1/4" TRS Female Jacks

Q: How does this box actually mount? I don't see any holes in the face to attach it with screws. 


Bluedio H Hurricane Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones with Built-in Microphone White

Q: Hi x could you please advise how to change the equalizer on the headphones? The app isn't available for Apple IOS. So it can't be fine through the app. With thanks Kim


Bluedio H Hurricane Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones with Built-in Microphone White

Q: HI, SInce updated to android 5.0 i can not use headset (blue-tooth connected) during calls as mic dont work. In the past with android 4.4 it was possible.


Bluedio T9 Mini Bluetooth Headset

Q: I have bluedio t9 and don't connect to my galaxy phone I enter 0000 and 1234 no way.  How can I reset as Factory settings please... my email is : [email protected] Com  Thanks


Audio-Technica AT120EB 1/2" Mount Turntable Phono Cartridge 0.3 x 0.7 mil

Q: fitting instructions diagrams do not tally with form of actual cartridge.How do I rectify this.


Dayton Audio BCE-1 22 x 14mm Bone Conducting Exciter

Q: So if I combined this with a Puck, would I then get full range sound w/o traditional cone speakers or headphones?


Dayton Audio DSS3-G Gold Speaker Spike Set 4 Pcs.

Q: I am interested in these for a pair of dayton 722 speakers (non curved) but the speakers rest on a very old mantle that would probably cause wobble.  Could I use three instead of four spikes per speaker to prevent this (in a triangle)?


Sanus CASC500-B1 Screws Pack of 500

Q: Please advise spec of these screws ie I notice that the CASC25-b1 is 10-32x3/4"....can you tell me what the spec is for CAS-B1?


Talent MCB10 Microphone Cable XLR Female to XLR Male Black with Gold Plated Contacts 10 ft.

Q: Will the Neutrik color coding rings fit these cable ends?


Ultimate Support 15359 Speaker Stand Telescoping Collar Kit

Q: What is the inside diameter on the telescoping collar?  I am looking for a collar that goes from 5/8" to 3/8"; It has a set screw on the 5/8" side, and a thumb tighten screw on the 3/8" side.


Ultimate Support 13943 Speaker Stand Pole Size Adapter

Q: What are the dimensions of Ultimate Support 13943 Speaker Stand Pole Size Adapter


Ultimate Support 14615 Speaker Stand Tele Tube Black

Q: What are the dimensions of Ultimate Support 14615 Speaker Stand Tele Tube Black?


JamStands JS-KD50 Kick Drum/Amp Microphone Stand

Q: Can the base of this stand be removed and secured using either part number 242-023 or 242-020?


K&M Replacement Parts 6.30351.1.55 T-Bar Dumbbell Assembly with Nut Black

Q: What size bolt does this fit?


K&M Replacement Parts 01.84.768.55 Adjustable Rubber End Cap

Q: What is the interior diameter of this part?


Quam C10X/BU/WS 8" Speaker Studded Baffle 5W-25/70V

Q: needing install diagram. can not find one. how do I install it.


ADJ Super Spot LED High Power 10W Pin Spot Light Fixture

Q: Can this light be wired so that is turns on beam when 120v power is applied? Is the housing NEMA rated and if so what level?


American Audio ELS-15BT 15" 2-Way Powered Bluetooth / USB / MP3 PA Speaker

Q: Hello, what is the maximum capacity USB thumb drive that the mp3 player will be able to read?


Electro-Voice ZLX-12-CVR Padded Cover for ZLX Series ZLX-12/P

Q: What are the dimensions? Is there a case available for one with two ten inch speakers one above the other?


ART DTI Dual Transformer/Isolator

Q: Can all 6 throughputs be used at once? I am thinking of using this at my church where we use 2 mics and 2 guitars, plus a projector system with audio playing from a laptop.


dbx 234s Stereo 2/3-Way / Mono 4-Way Crossover

Q: Are the crossed over signals completely in phase - ie - if I hook up the tweeter and midrange out of phase will I measure a notch at the crossover frequency with my testing setup??


JBL CST2120 2 Channel Transformer Kit for CSA2120

Q: Hello, I am just want to verify with the experts that this unit can be used with any Amp (4-8 ohm out). Looks like this unit encloses set of transformers in one package. "Designed to work with.." is throwing me off a little. Thanks


Behringer EUROCOM MA6008 80W Auto-Mixing 70/100V/4 Ohm Dual Channel Mixer Amplifier

Q: What Euro connectors will be required for this unit. What model numbers do I need to order by. Thank you,


Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Q: hello there. can you help me out I was given a set of speakers model # muz-rgsys I only have the dc plug in what do I need to be able to use them in my house wireless


Pyle PCT10 8 Plug Pro Audio Cable Tester

Q: Does it continually test a cable?  For example, a mic cable with an intermittent problem.  Can you shake and bend the cable under test to uncover any defects?  


Behringer BCD3000 B-Control Next Gen DJ Machine

Q: can this be used without a computer?


Behringer UL2000M Ultralink UHF Wireless Handhe

Q: After unscrewing the handle and accessing the battery compartment how can I remove the batteries? They are locked into a plastic housing which prevents removal of the batteries?


Behringer NU6000DSP iNUKE 6000W Lightweight Power Amplifier with DSP

Q: Can the iNuke 6000DSP take a single input, and output it on both channels A & B? How do you set this up? Preferably with the ability to use different settings for each channel. Haven't been able to figure it out so for...


Behringer X18 X Air 18-Channel 12-Bus Digital iPad / Tablet Mixer with WiFi & USB Interface

Q: There is an ethernet  port on the mixer, will a usb to ethernet  adapter work when i want to go wired Instead of wireless, or do I need a special  cord? Thanks


Behringer Studio 50USB 150W 2-Way Digital Monitor Speaker Pair

Q: How long is the connecting cable?  


Behringer PPA2000BT Europort 8-Channel Portable PA System Wireless Ready with Bluetooth

Q: Are the speakers tripod mountable? From the pics, they don't seem to be.


Behringer K900FX Ultratone 3-Channel Keyboard/PA Amp 90W

Q: can you use effects petals with,can I use a effects petal with my mic


Peavey Lavalier Microphone for PV-1 Wireless System

Q: Will this work for my PVi U1 UHF Wireless Body-Pack?


Peavey TransTube Special 212 Footswitch

Q: Will the Peavey TransTube Special 212 Footswitch work with the peavey triumph 120? they stopped making the am about 25 years ago, but this pedal including the connection looks identical.


Peavey PT-C01 Clip-On Guitar Tuner

Q: Is there any settings on the tuner that must be set (mode or A4 button) before you place it on a 6 string guitar? I have mine set at 440.


Peavey Sheffield Pro 1500+ 15" Woofer Speaker Driver

Q: Hi, Would this work as a replacement in my PV215 passive pa cabs?


FootNote Electric Guitar 5 Watt Amp Assembly - No Power Supply

Q: I know 12-14 volts should be fine and/or even better but what about 18 volts? is that pushing too high?


Acry-Tech DuraTex Black 1 Gallon Spray Grade Speaker Cabinet Coating

Q: I'm just wondering if my air compressor can spray this. What CFM do I need to spray?


Acry-Tech DuraTex Ultra Deep Tint Base 1 Gallon Roller Grade Speaker Cabinet Coating

Q: If I wanted a gray/grey color what type of paint should I mix in? I know white paint but what type will work?


Dayton Audio XO2W-2.5K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 2,500 Hz

Q: Xover for KEF 102 I have a pair of KEF 102s without the "Kube" that goes with the speakers (active electronic equalizer). Id like to change the crossover and use the KEFs as stand alone. Both tweeters and woofers are 4ohm. Can you suggest a xover? thanks


Dayton Audio XO2W-3K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 3,000 Hz

Q: "In this case the high pass filter is designed for 8 ohms"  Restating the first answer does not answer my question either.  What do you mean by designed for 8 ohms?   If you are talking xover points, ok, I get it.  What else do you mean?


Speaker L-Pad Attenuator 50W Stereo 1" Shaft 8 Ohm

Q: If I run both sections of the L-Pad in parallel will achieve a 4 ohm mono load, suitable for a 4-ohm unit?


15" Waffle Style Black Steel Speaker Grill with Rubber Edge

Q: Driver mounted from the front, like car speakers, 15.3 inches outside dia. and the surround section sticking out from the mounting board is maybe 5/16 high. Doubt if the roll surround would ever extend more. Fits or need 18 inch grill? Thanks. B.


Speaker Cabinet Carpet Covering Charcoal Yard 54" Wide

Q: Can this be ordered in black?


XTC 6-3/4" Round Large Frame Shallow Foam Baffle Pair

Q: What is the depth of this product? Your other baffle listings give depth, but this listing omits that measurement. My driver has a 2.5" top mount depth? Will these work for my application?


Speaker Surround Re-Foam Repair Kit For JBL 2214 Woofer

Q: Is this foam kit angled on the inside or flat on the inner foam rim. It does not specify this....


Arlington Industries TVL508 Shallow Wall Depth Low Profile TV Box

Q: Is this enclosure compatible with commercial Code? i.e., Romex is not permitted.


Parts Express Caster Quick Change Plate For 3800 Series

Q: What is the spacing between mounting holes on the plate?


Penn-Elcom R1286/3UVK Perforated Rack Panel 3U

Q: What is the actual "air flow" dimensions of the perforated area?


Penn-Elcom 5291 2" Swivel Caster

Q: Does this have a 3/8 shaft?


Penn-Elcom W0958 2" Push-In Caster with Metal Socket

Q: What is the diameter of the hole? I'm looking for casters to fit an ENGL 4x12.


Essex by Middle Atlantic CASTERS-K Set Of 4 Casters (2 Locking) for Racks

Q: Can you give me the overall width of the caster, not just the width of the wheel itself?


Middle Atlantic SW Shoulder Washers for Rack Screws 100 Pcs.

Q: What are the dimensions? Hole size? Thickness? Diameter?


StreetWires ZN3210 ZeroNoise 3 Series 2-Ch RCA Interconnect 1m (3.3 ft.)

Q: What is the base metal of the RCA connector? .9999 Cu/ Cu-Te/ Be-Cu? Brass? Plated with what metal? What is the difference between these cables and the ZN5210 / ZN5 series?


StreetWires ZN5210 2-Ch Interconnect 1m (3.3 ft.)

Q: What is the base metal of the RCA connector? .9999 Cu/ Cu-Te/ Be-Cu? Brass? Plated with what metal?


StreetWires ZN7250 2-Ch Interconnect 5m (16.4 ft.)

Q: What is the base metal of the RCA connector? .9999 Cu/ Cu-Te/ Be-Cu? Brass? Plated with what metal? what is the difference between the materials and technology between these cables and the ZN5 Series cables?


StreetWires ZNADPRS Short Right Angle Adapter Pair

Q: What is the base metal of the RCA connector? .9999 Cu/ Cu-Te/ Be-Cu? Brass? Plated with what metal? Will the Series ZN7 or ZN5 connect to these when pugged into an Amps RCA that have a flat surface at the other side of the 90 degree connector?


Tymphany XT25SC90-04 1" Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter

Q: If wired to a dayton 3way crossover 375/3000  what will it change the crossover frequency to.


Peerless 830878 3-1/2" Passive Radiator

Q: What is the recommended box volume for bass response if I'm setting it up with two nd91-4 with two peerless PRs or should I use four?


Peerless 830878 3-1/2" Passive Radiator

Q: Cosmetically, which speaker will match better with this radiator, the tymphany SDS, Peerless GFC or the Peerless PPB ?


Tymphany SDS Series 830855 4" Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: In a .11 ft3 box, would two of these drivers or one driver and the matching PR yield better results? I have an old mm box that needs rebuilding. Thanks


Peerless 830990 6-1/2" GFC Cone HDS Woofer

Q: I was going to pair this with a Tymphany NE25VTS-04 tweeter.  Is that a good match?  If so, what crossover would you recommend? Also, was going to use the Denovo Knock-Down 0.56 cu. ft. Cabinet.  If that works, what port hole dimensions should I use?


Tymphany TC7FD00-04 2-1/2" Full Range Paper Cone Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: Will 2 of these fill out the lower end in about .3 cu ft. with a passive radiator, ill have them crossed below somewhere from 8-14,000 hz


Peerless 830946 6-1/2" Paper Cone Woofer Speaker 4 Ohm

Q: Will this work well in a car door from 50hz - 300hz? If not want would you recommend? 


Tymphany PMT Series 40N25AL01 1" Aluminum Dome Micro Full Range Speaker 4 Ohm

Q: Hi, could you please quote PMT-40N25AL02-04  annual usage: 400pcs


Tymphany TC9FD00-04 3-1/2" Full-Range Line Array Driver 4 Ohm

Q: Small f.a.s.t. floorstander 4 in wide (3in i.d.) Suggested volume for Two of these run full range sealed? With a dayton sd215a in approx .5 cuft ported with low pass filter. Suggestions?


Tang Band W3-1053SC 3" Full Range Driver

Q: If i wanted to match this driver with a Peerless 830878 and tune a box to the lowest frequency possible, what would be the ideal Volume of that box and how do I calculate that?


Tang Band W1-1828SA 1" Neodymium Full Range Driver

Q: Hi, the description shows W1-1828SA, the model number is W1-1828S. The spec sheet is for W1-1828S and it is 43m wide. On Tang Band website the spec sheet for the W1-1828SA shows it is 46mm. I assume they are different, which one are you selling?


Tang Band W8-1808 8" Neodymium Full Range Driver

Q: In what way if any is this driver an improvement over the Dayton PS220? I have used the PS220 and I like it, but it's not really High Fidelity as far as I can tell


Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6-1/2" Paper Cone Subwoofer Speaker

Q: I would like to run one of these in a tube enclosure (for ease of removal) .  I usually prefer the sound of ported enclosures.  I listen to lots of rock,  hip hop,  and reggae.  Can u recommend what internal volume I should shoot for and port sizes? 


Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6-1/2" Paper Cone Subwoofer Speaker

Q: Can I put one of these in your Denovo 0.56 knock down cabinet to build a ported sub along with the Dayton 70w plate amp? What size port would I need? I'd like to avoid chuffing and port noise at all cost, open to slot porting. Thank you!


Tang Band W3-2108 3-1/2" RBM Micro Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: I want to use these in a 0.15 ft**3 vented box, would that be boomey on the bottom end? Looks like you prefer 0.10 ? I could stuff the box? If any of these options are suitable, what port size would you recommend????


Tang Band W3-2108 3-1/2" RBM Micro Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: Hello, Is the vented F3 above a typo, or can I really get response down into the 40s with a .08 cu ft vented enclosure?  What should the port length be to achieve that? Thanks, Shawn


Tang Band W6-2100 6-1/2" RBM Flat Panel Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: With recommended cabinet sizes, how fast would the output roll off below 55hz in sealed?  What's the recommended port dimensions for the .6ft^3 vented box?  Trying to keep the box small for a PriusC, but trying to complement Polk MMs which have good bass


Tang Band W3-2141 3" Paper Cone Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: I am thinking of using this driver in either the Denovo .04 cu ft or .23 cu ft enclosure.  What port sizes for the different enclosures?  Is the .23 cu ft too big? Would TB 1364 or 1873 drivers be better?  The 2143 seems to have the best bass response.  


Tang Band W8-2145 8" Paper Cone Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: how does this compare to the w8 1808 that cost twice as much?


BOSS BV9386NV 6.2" Touchscreen DVD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth and Navigation

Q: Does the boss DVD GPS system have daul zone and steering wheel capabilities


BOSS BV8972 7" Drop Down Motorized Touchscreen In-Dash Receiver

Q: Is there a model that also includes the navigation? If so, how much is it? 


BOSS BV9973 7" Motorized Touchscreen Monitor In-Dash Receiver

Q: How do u hook up a amp to a boss bv9973 with the rca wires to the deck . I can't figure out if I need a female to a 2 male adaptor in the subwoofer . I just bought one online to see if that would help because it doesn't work if u put it into the audio out


BOSS BV9979B 7" Motorized Touchscreen Monitor In-Dash Receiver

Q: I added a back up camera to the system, but I can't find a button on the head unit to turn it on. Can anyone tell me why they would provide the hook ups for a camera, but no way to use it.


BOSS 508UAB MP3 CD AM/FM In-Dash Receiver with Bluetooth

Q: what is the rms for this radio


BOSS R2504 RIOT 1000 Watt 4 Channel MOSFET Car Audio Amplifier

Q: what frequency does it boosts bass? also is boost for ch 3&4 or for all 4 channels?


BOSS MR60B 6-1/2" 2-Way Marine Speaker Pair 200 Watt Black

Q: MR60B 61/2" Speakers: What dimension does the 61/2" refer to? It says Width is 8" x Height is 4". I assume the outer diameter of the speaker is 8". What diameter hole is needed? Please let me know. Thank you.


BOSS ATV85B 8" All Terrain Amplified Sound System

Q: Need to know how long this unit is. Going to mount it on Honda 700-4 side by side


Harrison Labs 12 dB RCA Line Level Audio Attenuator Pair

Q: I have an Alpine head unit that outputs 5 volts at the line level. The amps have a range of 250mv to 2.5 volts input. To (preferably) get the amps inputs in the middle of their range, how much attenuation do I need?


Harrison Labs 12 dB RCA Line Level Audio Attenuator Pair

Q: Factory sub wires converted to RCA to JL amp equals sub too loud. I've tried fixed and variable attenuators, both momentarily fail to attenuate during bass hits causing a "pop". Can this handle the voltage? 12v?


Kenwood KMR-D365BT Marine CD Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth and 3 RCA Preouts

Q: I have a kenwood ktsmp400mr unit w/a wired remote is this remote compatible with KMR-D365BT unit. This remote is mounted in side panel of boat


Kicker KSC4 KS Series 4" 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Pair

Q: Any other speakers in this wattage or higher that might also have a pointsource aligned tweeter that is 3.5 to 4" ? Looks like this size is very limited, yet a popular size for dash installs. I would run them active DSP, and seperate the Frequency


Pyle PLG69.4 6"x9" Quadaxial Speaker Pair

Q: What is the sound difference between the Pyle PLG69.3 and the Pyle PLG69.4 . Also, is there any better 6x9 speaker in similar price range??.


Pyle PLMRMP1A 2 Channel Waterproof MP3/iPod Marine Amplifier

Q: what gauge wire should I use when hooking this amplifier up to my battery?  The wires coming off the amp are 18g. I will be approximately 10' away from the battery. Should I hook the blue wire up to a breaker to get the system to "turn on"?


Pyle Wave PLX32 3-1/2" Coaxial Speaker Pair

Q: I know these speakers are 3 1/2" , but what are the dimensions of these speakers?


PRV Audio AD4000.1-1 Mono 1 Ohm 4100 Watt Power Amplifier

Q: Has anyone clamped these yet to see if they do rated power? im looking at them specifically for their small footprint design.


Cascade VB-1X(5G) Sprayable Acoustic Damping Compound 5 Gal

Q: Can this be used along with deadening material. What I mean is can it be sprayed over already existing sound deadening material. I have a few areas that I have laid down material(self adhesive) in some areas of my vehicle plus existing material from manuf


RE Audio REX8-v2 (REX 8s4) 8" Subwoofer Driver 4 Ohm

Q: Which would give better clean & low output in a car audio application. 2 of these each sealed chambered with .56 air space, or 1 of these in 1.1 air space with ~20" dual flared 3" port? amp power ~300 @4ohm for one, or split 2ohm for two. thanks!


RE Audio SCX12-v2 12" Cast Frame Subwoofer Driver 4 Ohm

Q: Will this driver work well in an IB alignment?


Panasonic SUPS135-11 Speaker Terminal Plate with Tweeter and Mid High Pass

Q: *****If using 4 ohm mid and 4 ohm tweeter only, What would total ohms load be to amp? Also what would be crossover frequency for MID & TWEETER?.............Thank You Also what is the RMS?


Panasonic SUPS135-11 Speaker Terminal Plate with Tweeter and Mid High Pass

Q: Would this work with Part # 292-438 and Part # 299-609???


Speaker Wire Terminal Plate with 550 Hz Low Pass Filter

Q: Wouldn't wiring of these be the reverse of what's been stated? It's quite clear that orange/grey are soldered to the positive(+) terminal, with blue and the inductor being connected to negative(-), much like the #269-011 buyout's odd colors.


Input/Output Subwoofer Terminal with 200W Crossov

Q: Can u please send me a diagram of how to wire up the marcato doc-112 crossover... Do I use one crossover for both sets of speakers?  


8" Perforated Metal Screen Grill with Plastic Trim

Q: What size/type of screws should i use for mounting this?


1.0 mH 22 Gauge Laminated Bar Core Inductor

Q: They're listed with 2 sets of specs: 22 AWG / 0.23 Ohm DCR / 150W and 19 AWG / 0.49 Ohm DCR / 250W. At least inductance is consistent. Can anyone confirm the true specs for these?


Goldwood GT-300PB 1" Horn 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Q: Lowest recommend crossover q?


Goldwood GM-500PB 1" Horn 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Q: im building some satellite speakers for my system that will consist of a 15'' impero/ 1-10mr1000/ and two 290 drivers prv LOL,,,, they will use a prv 400/1800 cross. I have two of these horns already . can you use two of these horns on top of each other


Goldwood GM-500PB 1" Horn 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Q: and not have a problem with phaseing. Ive never seen two horns placed on top each other before. do you suggest a different horn for this application thanks matt or eric


Dayton Audio D250P-8 1" Polyimide Compression Horn Driver

Q: What's the best crossover for the Dayton Audio D250P-8  you sale?


Dayton Audio DT250P-8 1" Polyimide Compression Horn Driver 1-3/8"-18 TPI 8 Ohm

Q: I recently purchased a pair of Dayton Audio DT250P-8 drivers. They sound amazing but seem to have a bit of a "hiss" to them. Is there anything that that may filter this? Thanks.


Dayton Audio ND25FA-4 1" Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter

Q: If I wanted to use this in a 8 ohms setup, would I just add a 4-ohm resistor in line with the positive lead? Seems too simple.


Dayton Audio AMTPRO-4 Air Motion Transformer Tweeter 4 Ohm

Q: Is the face plate required for the unit to work (does the face plate hold the membrane in place)? If I wished to reduce the unit's size, could I remove the face plate, trim it down to 172*72mm, then re-mount it?


Dayton Audio AMTPRO-4 Air Motion Transformer Tweeter 4 Ohm

Q: Ideas to protect tweeter in active system (steep DSP slopes) with least effect >2.4kHz: a) series cap, 100uF =400Hz/-6dB slope/90deg b) LR2 : 22uF+parallel 1.4mH =900Hz/-12dB/180deg =Better protection if needed? How might (a) & (b) compare by 2.4kHz? Tks!


Aurum Cantus G2 Ribbon Tweeter

Q: Do you sell any suitable cabinets for this tweeter? In addition, what kind of cable connectors does this tweeter need?


Aurum Cantus G2 Replacement Ribbon

Q: I am looking for replacement ribbons for aurum cantus G2N tweeters. Will these work? If not, what will and do you carry the part?


Beston RT002A Ribbon Tweeter

Q: I see that the ohm,s on the rt002a is 6 would it be ok too use an 8 ohm L pad like part # 260-265.? An the 6ohm will bump up the a x-over like a 3500khz to about 4000 or 4500 ? Thank you 


T-25 2-1/2" Paper Cone Tweeter 8 Ohm

Q: I am doing a resto-mod on some 3-way bookshelf speakers. I have these two for the woofer and mid, GRS 8FR-8, and the GRS 4FR-8. Both of which have a 91db sensitivity rating. Trying to decide between this or the GT-25. They look very similar.


RT-6 2" Phenolic Ring Tweeter with Grill 8 Ohm

Q: How are tweeters measured? Your RT-6 2" Phenolic Ring Tweeter looks exactly like the units I want to replace ... but how do I get mounting hole dimensions? I've got a distance of 3 7/8" between two opposite mounting holes (four holes on a 3.875 diameter).


Parts Express Diaphragm for Old Version 4"x10" Midrange Horn or Similar Heppner/Foster-type Drivers

Q: Will this diaphragm work as a replacement for the mid-range domes in my Infinity Quantum 4 speakers? The original 1.5" dome mid was made by braun and had a part number 902-0206. If this does not replace it, what part do you carry that can?


Dayton Audio ND91-8 3-1/2" Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: modding a 2 way to a 3 way & using these for midbass targeting 70 - 1000hz using dbx active xover  (4 drivers/channel).   Shallow/tall enclosure so thinking down firing port or rear fire pass radiator. volume &port suggestions for both?


Pyramid Studio Pro WH8 8" Woofer Accordian Surround

Q: That recommended ported is huge, or is that volume including wood and port size and not just the pressure chamber? How much output will they lose in a sealed? The F3 on the sealed is perfect for my application. Can these really handle 100w rms thats crazy


Pyramid Studio Pro WH10 10" Woofer Accordian Surround

Q: Would this speaker sound good on a bass amp ? If i was to buy 2, would it sound good like with the Vibration and sound quality?


Goldwood GW-1858 18" Pro Woofer

Q: Would this be suitable for a home theatre subwoofer in the middle of a 500 sq ft room(9ft ceilings) room? Sealed box, flexible volume from 4 cu ft up to 32 cu ft. Will be on sub 60hz duty only, supplemented by 4x8" subs.Box recommendations for low hz?


Eminence 8" Paper Cone Professional Mid-bass 8 Ohm

Q: When will the frequency response & Eminence box designs become available? This could be very good!


Eminence 8" Paper Cone Professional Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: What size box and vent for 2 of these in a box?


Eminence Delta Pro-12A 12" Cast Frame Driver

Q: I have a Line 6 POD HD500X I want to use into a 100 watt solid state Yamaha guitar amp. It is a combo amp with open back, does it need to be sealed up if I use this speaker and do I need a tweeter for full range?


Eminence NSD:2005S-8 1" Neo Titanium Horn Driver 8 Ohm 1-3/8-18

Q: How does this compare to the PSD:2013?  To be more specfic I'm looking to upgrade my driver in my JBL JRX 125 w/original JBL internal 3way quasi crossover? 


Eminence LAB 12 Professional 12" Subwoofer Speaker

Q: I'm thinking of building two omnidirectional loudspeakers with two of these facing down, two Dayton Reference 8" facing up, and some tweeters. Would biamping these with an iNuke 1000 work well?


Pyle PPA10 10" PA Speaker

Q: For pair of this speakers in a cabinet, what would be the box volume to get the lowest bass?


Pyle PDS772 1" Titanium Horn Driver 1-3/8"-18 TPI

Q: I'm  thinking about replacing  my Peavey  pv215 with this driver...  Is this a good Replacement  for my Horn? 


Pyle PDW21250 21" High Power Subwoofer

Q: Several posts disagree with the PE specs. What are the current values? Can this woofer realistically be used in LLT, slot-ported enclosure tuned below 20 Hz?


Pyle PBW8S 8" Midbass

Q: What is the approx. xmax of this speaker?


Pyle PDS182 1.5" Titanium Horn Driver 8 Ohm

Q: Does it have a phase plug?


GRS 4PF-8 4" Paper Cone Foam Surround Woofer

Q: I read a previous answer to a question which stated the holes are on a 4-1/8" circle. With the elongated holes shown in the picture, would the GRS 4PF-8 fit a hole spacing diameter of 115mm (4-1/2+")?


GRS 6PF-8 6-1/2" Paper Cone Foam Surround Woofer

Q: I have read that what is best of paper cone and poly cone is determend by the build quality of the driver. I'm building my own sealed enclosures, should i then choose 6PF-8 or 6PR-8? Is there any enclosure volume value that will provide bette performence?


GRS 10PR-8 10" Poly Cone Rubber Surround Woofer

Q: I need a replacement woofer for my acoustic guitar CRATE 61160AC AMPLIFIER. I NEED 8oms 75wts or 100wts. I need polypropylene rubber enforced. Do you have what I need?


GRS 12PR-8 12" Poly Cone Rubber Surround Woofer

Q: Mechanical dimensions/drawing of GRS 12PR-8 speaker, please?


GRS 8FR-8 Full-Range 8" Speaker Pioneer Type B20FU20-51FW

Q: Hi, I've aquired a pair of traynor ysc-8 enclosures, and I'd like to turn them into something nice.  It's a sealed box with 6 8"drivers. I'm open to any suggestions...anything from a straight up array to a sub and a 3 way crossover in each box.


GRS 4FR-8 Full-Range 4-1/2" Speaker Pioneer Type A11EC80-02F 8 Ohm

Q: Would these fit as a replacement for the drivers in the Dayton Audio C452's?tw


GRS 5AS-4 5-1/4" Car Replacement Speaker 4 Ohm

Q: in a 0.13 Cubic Feet box, would a 2 inch aperiodic vent improve the sound of these or should i leave it sealed. for garage use?


GRS 6AS-4 6-1/2" Dual Cone Replacement Car Speaker 4 Ohm

Q: Replacing all 4 speakers in the car. The factory front door speakers are 6.5 inch,  4 ohms each, the back door ones are 5.25inch, 8 ohm units. Can use 4 ohm units all around and maybe install imedence matching resistors to correct load?


TC Sounds LMS-R 12" DVC Subwoofer

Q: what is the ideal cubic volume to port this sub and what should the ideal port length be?


FaitalPRO 3FE22 3" Neodymium Professional Full-Range Woofer 16 Ohm

Q: If I put 4 of 3FE22 16-Ohm Neodymium in parallel to create and impedance of 4 ohm what sensitivity am I getting? what lowest F3 for what total volume and what are the dimensions of the port? What F3 for what volume do I get in a closed box?


FaitalPRO 4FE35 4" Professional Full-Range Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: Thinking of a small ported boombox project for these with car stereo head unit. They will be full range, and below 110hz will be filtered out. Is it better with 2 separate enclosures or one? If so, port size recommendations for each setup?


FaitalPRO M5N8-80 5" Neodymium Professional Midrange 12 Ohm

Q: Am I correct in assuming this is actually the M5N12-80?


Celestion TF0510 5" Professional Midrange Speaker 30W

Q: Great,this will be a garage speaker 24x24x8 ft. I only have space in the corners off the ground about 36".I like volume at many different levels SS Sansui 125 wpc. Tweeter will be Beston 002.Consedering a Onken type enclosure.Your thoughts?


PRV Audio 8MB450-4 8" Midbass Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: Will this driver reach 80 hz (my HP) powerfully in a .75 cu ft sealed box? Would I be better off with two in the same box? Thanks!


PRV Audio WG2-230Ti Two D230Ti Compression Drivers & Line Array Waveguide Package

Q: are just the horns available to mount two 290s in?


Peavey Scorpion SP-12825 12" Speaker Driver

Q: Is this a replacement speaker for a pevey renowned twin 12 amp


B&C 5FCX44 5" Professional Coaxial Speaker 70 x 70 8 Ohm

Q: Could this be used in a guitar cabinet as a replacement speaker?


B&C 12HPL64 12" Professional Neodymium Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: Would this speaker work well with the Dayton audio 12" passive radiator? If so what size enclosure would you recommend? Since this speaker only reaches 4mm Xmax could I use a single radiator since it achieves 10mm Xmax? Thank you!


Radian 1245-8 Diaphragm Fits Most JBL 1.5" and 2" 8 Ohm

Q: Hello.  Dc resistance (re) ? I want to know.  Thank you.


RCF HF950 Pro HF Horn

Q: Your image of this horn shows that it is made in two halves, and the join between them seems to be a bit irregular, with some significant gaps closer to the horn throat. Can the mating surfaces be cleaned up, and perhaps joined with plastic cement?


Dayton Audio PA310-8 12" Pro Woofer

Q: ((BL)^2)/Re very strong, Mms high -- does this woofer have a 4L coil? Looking at a ceiling app., but with this much Mms, the cone might sag down (out) after a while?


Dayton Audio PA380-8 15" Pro Woofer

Q: Will these work as replacements for the drivers in Peavey PV 215 cabs? It's roughly 4 cu ft, tuned at 47hz and crossed at 2.6k. My amp is just a little to powerful for the stock drivers. I also send everything below 100 hz to the subs .


Dayton Audio DCS165-4 6-1/2" Classic Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: What are your thoughts on using these in a fairing on a Harley Davidson Road King?  I am pushing my current speakers with a Rockford Fosgate PBR 300 X2 amp (150x2) @ 4 Ohm.  I would like to add a set of tweeters also instead of running a coax 6.5.


Dayton Audio DAEX32EP-4 Thruster 32mm Exciter 40W 4 Ohm

Q: Having an old single cab pickup limits you in ideal speaker mounting options. I was wondering how 2 of these would work wired as 2 channels to the head unit would work mounted above the headliner of a pickup truck? Good idea? Sound quality? Been done?


Dayton Audio DAEX25X4-4 Bullfrog Vented Disc Spider 25 mm x 4 Exciter 320 mm Cable and Connectors 40W 4 Ohm

Q: would 2 of these be appropriate for a 80" x 48" headboard made from plywood and paddding


Dayton Audio BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts

Q: How does this compare in output force with the #300-389 4-pack pucks? Those are rated at 30 lb-ft for the set. 


Dayton Audio LS10-44 10" Low Profile Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm

Q: Hi, since now i got a 20,2 liters box with some soundproofing material sticked internally for 2 cms each side. The driver has some bad noises at really high volume (high excursion and i am concerned about it) will a passive radiator solve this?


Dayton Audio DC160-8 6-1/2" Classic Woofer

Q: Hello,  I want to install this driver in a .9 ft3 enclosure,  with a 1.75" x4" port,  which should produce a tuning frequency between 36 - 38htz.  Will this speaker be suitable? 


Dayton Audio DC300-8 12" Classic Woofer

Q: Will this work well in a T-line HT subwoofer application?


Dayton Audio PM180-8 6-1/2" Wideband Midbass Neo Driver

Q: How do you think these drivers would work in a back-loaded horn arrangement, tuned to 55 hZ?


Dayton Audio RS100-8 4" Reference Full-Range Driver

Q: i would like to build these with either the amt mini-8 or the pt2c-8 planar. either mtm or mt form factor. any suggestions on a good xover point for each? no gaps w/ decent power handling/response for each config?


Dayton Audio RS125P-8 5" Reference Paper Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: Hello I'm trying to replace the mid range and horn in a set of Fisher tower speakers can't find a more number they have two 15 inch woofers one 5 inch mid and one 2 1/8 x 5 1/4 horn per box would this be a good mid for it and I need a good horn for both.


Dayton Audio RS180S-8 7" Reference Shielded Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: Does the optimum cabinet volume include the driver displacement?


Dayton Audio RS180P-4 7" Reference Paper Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: What is the lowest this driver will hit with good clarity and loudness in the recommended sealed enclosure?


Dayton Audio RS75-4 3" Reference Full-Range Driver 4 Ohm

Q: Hi, what is the suggested port dimension for this driver (DA RS75-4 3", #295-380) in the DeNovo .04 knock down cabinet (#300-760)?  Thank you!


Dayton Audio DS315-8 12" Designer Series Woofer Speaker

Q: Hello I have a Mirage BPS400 dual sub woofer and the woofers foam surround are damage. I am looking for the best possible driver to replace the damage drivers. Can you please give me your best recommendation. Thanks Conrad 


Dayton Audio RSS210HO-4 8" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: Subs for limited...I can line these under the bench seats...maybe 3 with 2 passives each...seems like F3 of 30 maybe too low ,which I saw earlier (I like low, but what am I tradin...what would you recommend enclosure size and mass for passives


Dayton Audio RSS265HF-4 10" Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: The Le parameter is listed at .96mH @ 1 khz. What happens to the inductance value as frequency decreases (say less than 250hz)?


Dayton Audio RSS315HF-4 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: I have a 12" passive radiator I would like to use with this sub in a closed box. I know a larger passive would be better but want to use what I've got. What amp and box volume would you recommend for the flattest response down to the lowest frequenc? Than


Dayton Audio RSS390HO-4 15" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: I originally wanted to build a Full Marty (a big 11 c.f vented box) with the um18-22 but they are always out of stock so I got a good deal on one of these. Would it work ok in a box that big and get really low in the teens as the box is tuned at 17hz?


Dayton Audio RSS460HO-4 18" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 ohm

Q: This driver is 3db down at 30 cps, 6db down at 20 cps in free air. In an open baffle with a pass band of 20cps to 125cps  (Linkwitz-Riley 48db) and a 6db boost at 20cps (12db octave roll off) any xmax issues in medium room classical music? Sonic quality?


Dayton Audio RSS460HO-4 18" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 ohm

Q: can this driver be used on a hornloaded box?


Dayton Audio SD215-PR 8" Passive Radiator

Q: I'm building a 2-cu' tower with the discontinued 8"12 ohm india drivers299-068 wired in parallel for 4 ohms , I am thinking of using 2- 8" passives for each driver , so that would be 3 - 8" active drivers and 6 - 8" passives , would this work okay ? 


Dayton Audio UM15-22 15" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil

Q: Three questions.  1) Will these work for an IB where they are in a craw space of approximately 6000 ft^3?  2) Will a cutout measuring 9" x 14.75" be acceptable for the hole from the crawl space to the listening room? 3) What is the tuning under this?


AuraSound Cougar NSW1-205-8A 1" Extended Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: what is the size of the sealed box for this .and what would be the frequency?


Fountek NeoCD1.0 Ribbon Tweeter

Q: Following fountek's recommended xover point of 3.5khz at 18 db, what cap would you recommend? I'd like to use this in my active setup but would like to use a cap for safety. 


Fountek NeoCD3.5H Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

Q: Has anyone there ever herd the a fountek neocd3.5 horn tweeter just wondering how it compares to a Beston rt002a thank you


Fountek FR135EX 5" Neodymium Full Range Speaker Driver

Q: If I wished to have a cabinet with .34 cubic ft of volume & a 1 1/2 x 4-3/3 inch port, would I have to add the combined displacement of the driver & the port to that .34 cubic foot figure? Would I need a .4 or 5 cubic ft. internal volume to compensate?


Tectonic Elements TEBM65C20F-8 3-1/2" BMR Full-Range Speaker 8 Ohm

Q: I bought 10 of these speakers, i plan to build tower array 5 speaker per tower, What cubic ft is recommended  what measurements to run for a port.


HiVi M8N 8" Aluminum/Magnesium Woofer

Q: Does this woofer need a port if installed as part of a 3 way system in an airtight Seahorse 520 case? Looking to drive it with a mono 100W amp.


6-1/2" High Excursion Passive Radiator

Q: Would this work with a w5-1138 in you .23cuft knock down enclosure?


Fountek FE87 2" Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: Vas seems very wrong. Most speakers in this size are listing around 0.01ft^3, and this speaker is somehow listing 0.0441ft^3, how is that possible? Box calculators are saying it needs a massive 9.8L box using that value (1.254L in the spec sheet).


2-1/2" Paper Cone Extended Range Driver 4 ohm

Q: Just received 10 of these, making some theater speakers. Recommended box size and port for 1 driver? 2 drivers in box? 3 drivers in box?Mainly concerned with how to find proper port detail, as cabinet size should just be(# driver x .0086 ft3 recommended)?


Titan 8" Ribbed Paper Cone Red Surround Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: What size of a port should I use to achieve great, non-muddy sound/bass? I was looking for a replacement, and would this woofer over time get foam rot?


Acoustic Research D04-0148 1/2" Mylar Dome Tweeter

Q: What is the SPL of this tweeter?


HP-5210 5-1/4" Poly Cone Rubber Surround Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: what is the lowest bass that I could squeezed out of this woofer? what would be the volume and port dimension?


WP-1030-4 10" Poly Cone Woofer with Foam Surround 4 Ohm

Q: Im looking for a replacement subwoofer for my Home powered sub box Kenwood 103SW which is 100 watts 4 ohms and 10inch poly cone single driver would this WP-1030-4 Part# 299-2224 work for that?


Philips 314113000191 L TMM 2-Way LCD TV Speaker Module 4 Ohm

Q: Half of the speaker seams to just be enclosure. Would sawing of half of the enclosure damage the electronics in any way? Thinking for a more compact solution.


Dayton Audio DTA3116HP Class D Mini Amplifier with Headphone Amp 2 x 15W

Q: Is there a lithium ion battery option or diy solution to create portable audio speaker using this amp. How much battery would it take to create a solution to power remotely for around 6-8 hours? Thanks


Dayton Audio TT25-16 PUCK Tactile Transducer Mini Bass Shaker 16 Ohm

Q: If I fix this on the bottom panel of quite heavy speaker stands(5~10kg ish maybe?), will it give me a vibration though the floor? It's concrete slab with wooden plank cover.


Dayton Audio CS820C 8" 2-Way Ceiling Speaker Pair

Q: I need to know the dimensions of the CS-820C speaker itself! I need to replace my present defective speaker. The ceiling housing is in place! Can someone provide me with the diameter of the CS-820C speaker, and the diameter of the screw holes ctr to ctr )


Dayton Audio CS420EC 4" 2-Way Enclosed Ceiling Speaker

Q: How thick of an opening will the mounting wings work with?  I need 1 1/4 inches.  With they open that far?


Dayton Audio WFA02 Multi-Room Wi-Fi Audio Adapter for iOS Android

Q: Do these units HAVE to use their WiFi abilities?   I have them connected via ethernet but they don't seem to work properly unless they make a wireless connection,  and I would rather they not rely on wireless when I have ethernet to my router available. 


Dayton Audio DAX66 6-Source 6-Room Distributed Whole House Audio System with Keypads 25 WPC

Q: I have 2 DAX66 hooked together but i only see 6 sources on the key pads. Do i have to do something different to make them show all 12 sources? 


Dayton Audio APA100 Class AB Stereo Amplifier 60 WPC

Q: Will this work? headphone amp/dac from computer to Dayton inputs and then to speakers. Can I connect another receiver to the Dayton which will benefit from the dac when I play music from the computer and how connect speaker wires from other receiver?


Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Q: Is the enclosure made of mdf or particle board? Also how thick? 


Dayton Audio BR-1CAB BR-1 6-1/2" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Pair

Q: What are the enclosure dimensions, including the baffle cutout diameters and mounting surfaces?


Dayton Audio MARK2-WF Powered Wi-Fi Speaker with Bluetooth

Q: what is the audio quality in comparison to a sonos speaker or the jbl "Coke can" Bluetooth speaker. I have several Dayton speakers and think they all sound great. just looking for a good recommendation. (I realize audio quality is subjective)


Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair

Q: Would I be better off getting three of these and a Dayton powered sub for a 3.1 setup (computer, gaming, tv/movies,vinyl) in a small bonus room or going with a Pair and the matching center channel?  Also any amp recommendations for 3.1?  


Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair

Q: For purposes of selecting an appropriate crossover, what are the impedence ratings for the tweeter and the woofer?  


Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Q: I'm looking to upgrade the tweeters on my B652's. Can anyone recommend a tweeter that I can drop into my B652's without having to modify the cabinet?


Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2" 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

Q: Any recommendations on a better sounding tweeter and crossover. I love the speakers but highs sound a little tinny. Mods to cabinet not a problem.


Solstice MLTL Reference Tower Speaker Kit

Q: Can anyone comment on whether or not these towers would be suitable as main speakers for a mastering facility? I'm thinking similar to Adam Classic Tower, Dunlavys, Tyler, etc.


Dayton Audio 8" Reference Series HO Subwoofer and Cabinet Bundle

Q: What would the F3 be on this sealed kit with a SPA250 amp with the 35hz bass boost enabled?


Dayton Audio 18" Reference Series HO Subwoofer and Cabinet Bundle

Q: How much everyone spent in TOTAL for this project? Average of course, no need to be exact. Thanks in advance!


Dayton Audio 18" Ultimax Subwoofer with SPA1200DSP Amplifier and Cabinet Package

Q: Can someone give some guidance on setting the limiter parameters in the amp for this build?  Consider conservative limits in suggestions.  Thanks


Dayton Audio SPA1200DSP 1200W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP

Q: Power output rms at 8 ohms?


Dayton Audio APA150 150W Power Amplifier

Q: Is the APA150's line output active when the unit is in auto-off mode?  If not, what's the best way to split an input source before it enters the amp?  Also, will this amp be a good choice for powering a pair of Vandersteen 1B's in an office using PC input


Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier

Q: How well would this work in a 3 or 4-way active setup. i.e. all channels brided for L/R W/M/T or 8 channels bridged L/R SW/W and 4 channels L/R M/T


Dayton Audio MA1260 Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier 60WPC

Q: Regarding each Channel Gain Control adjustment: What gain variation can I expect (+/- dB) from the nominal factory setting? Thanks!


ButtKicker BK4-4 Advance Home Theater and Gaming Transducer

Q: Can I use a Dayton Audio APA150 amp to power 2 ButtKicker BK4-4 Advance transducers? I basically want to upgrade from a ButtKicker Mini LFE setup to the BK4-4 Advance without replacing the amps. Thanks.


Yung SD300 300W Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier Module No Boost

Q: What size screw/bolt should be used to mount this to the cabinet?


Yung SD300-6 300W Class D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier Module with 6 dB at 30 Hz

Q: Since ithe doesn't have a subsonic filter what is the subsonic cutoff?


Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit

Q: Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit Model: CBT36K Part # 301-980. Can you tell me the approximate weight of one single fully assembled speaker? THANKS


TIC GS3 Omni-Directional Garden Speaker

Q: Hi guys, I bought a set of speakers like this many years back , in fact I only have one left, I was thinking on making at a sub woofer (unpowered) since already have an outdoor main set  do you have a speaker and cross-over recommended to accomplish that?


Dayton Audio TW-0.75CH 0.75 cu. ft. 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Cherry

Q: I have 4 tc9fd18 tymphany drivers that I would like to put in a line array. That's 4 drivers per speaker. Or, would a smaller cabinet be better for this project. Much like the Celestion Micromax with the AN3510 speakers designed by Mike Van Den Broek.


Dayton Audio MTM-0.75MA 0.75 cu. ft. MTM Speaker Cabinet Maple

Q: I seem to have lost a screw for the baffle. What is the screw size used so I can find a replacement?


BIC Venturi DV32-B 3-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair Black

Q: Can you recommend a floor standing mount for use as rear speakers in a surround system?


Bang & Olufsen ICEpower 250ASP Power Amp Module 1x220W at 4 Ohm

Q: Are there any wiring diagrams available for a noob to follow?  For instance, how to use this amp to build an active speaker / monitor.  Thanks


6-1/2" 2-Way In-wall Speaker Pair with Swivel Tweeter

Q: What is the impedance of these speakers? SPL?


Pyle PHPW2 FM Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones

Q: The user manual refers to using a 3v transformer instead of batteries but where is the jack to attach such a transformer?


Pyle PDIC51RD 5-1/4" Round Ceiling Speaker Pair

Q: How thick of an opening will the mounting wings work with?  I need 1 1/4 inches.  With they open that far?


Lepai LP7498E 200W Class D Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth aptX and Power Supply

Q: Does the Bluetooth auto connect? Some BT devices I have do not (Belkin BT receiver), while others do (Vizio soundbar, Monoprice tube amp).  Since this unit will be always on, I would like it to not auto connect when in range.


Lepai LP7498E 200W Class D Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth aptX and Power Supply

Q: Can a higher power linear power supply be substituted for the OEM brick? If so what risk is there for damaging the Amp's power circuits? Thanks.


Lepai LP-A68 2x15W Mini Amplifier with Remote USB MP3 Media Card FM

Q: Hi can you tell me if its possible to set the lp a68 up to come on and start playing from the memory card as soon as we turn the power on. Thanks aw


Lepai LP-S60 4x25W Desktop Mini Amplifier with Remote USB MP3 Media Card FM

Q: How good is the FM reception. Can I expect it to be at least as good as my Aiwa boom box.


Lepai LP-S60 4x25W Desktop Mini Amplifier with Remote USB MP3 Media Card FM

Q: For those who own both, how does it sound compared to the Lepai LP-2020A+? Would this be an upgrade? Also, is this a Class D Amp?


Topping TP60 T-Amp Tripath TA2022 50WPC (80WPC 4 Ohm) Mini Amplifier

Q: Two questions. You have a note about FM interference. Can I use this amp using TV audio output as the input to power external speakers?  Can I use a tube headphone amp/preamp as a preamp with this amp?


Bravo Audio S1 Class A Deluxe Headphone Amplifier with Op-amp

Q: What is the power rating for this?


Yamaha YAS-105 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

Q: can volume control be intergrated into TV remote


Velleman MP3 Player Kit

Q: Can I use this to play a single song? Only one button would be on the device. When the button is pushed, the system (which must be battery powered) comes on and the song is played. When the song ends the system would shut down to conserve batteries.


Velleman Microphone Preamp Kit

Q: Can this board be used as, or modified for, a direct box for instruments? Direct box = high impedance input, reduce 2+ volts instrument output voltage to line level, low impedance out. Possible to swap gain pot to get zero to like -3dB?


Velleman 3 Channel Color Organ Kit

Q: I understand that I need to buy a 110v power cord but are  there 3 110v female outlets in the rear to plug in the strings of lights?


Sure Electronics AA-AB31491 1x2500W Class D IRS2092 Amplifier Board

Q: Can you recommend any way to power this board from a single 24VDC source? If there's not a dual dc boost converter, can two isolated dc boost converters be used?


Sure Electronics AA-AB31491 1x2500W Class D IRS2092 Amplifier Board

Q: I want to use this with a single ended supply. Midpoint "ground" simulated by 2 series caps across the supply It is desired to have the output at half supply at no drive swinging between minus rail and plus. I have done this with AB amps. Could that work?


Sure Electronics AA-AB31491 1x2500W Class D IRS2092 Amplifier Board

Q: Let me ask a different way to illustrate my goal: Can I tie the load between the output and the minus rail for use as a modulated power supply? I know it needs bipolar independant supplies.  


Sure Electronics AA-AB34181 6x100W TDA7498 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: Can you use the Yuan-Jing Two Source Mitsubishi M62446 5.1 Volume Remote Control Preamplifier Kit Part # 320-6536 with this amp.  Or do you risk damaging the amp with this?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32291 2x250W IRS2092 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: Can I use this board with one of the buyout Abletec power supplies?  It has the +53 V and - 53 V so does that count as the required 2 power supplies as recommended for this board?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32291 2x250W IRS2092 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: I'm confused about the differences between the Spec Sheet and the User Manual.  The Spec Sheet show all specs at 8 Ohms; are there any specs at 4 ohms?


Mean Well MW NES-200-12 12 VDC 17A 200W Regulated Switching Power Supply

Q: In the descr for tda7293 amp, it says to wire two of these one for + and for - to get a dual supply. How is thia done?


Sure Electronics DC-HS11123 Aluminum Heat Sink Kit 218.44 x 58.42 x 18mm

Q: What is the thermal specification of this heat sink, in C/W?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32155 2x15W at 4 Ohm TA2024 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board Only

Q: I received this amplifier and it didn't come with a wiring diagram. Is there any way to get a wiring diagram?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32155 2x15W at 4 Ohm TA2024 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board Only

Q: I've hooked up a stereo headphone closed circuit jack between the speakers and the amp on this board and am getting a ton of what I believe to be floor noise. any suggestions to eliminate?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32155 2x15W at 4 Ohm TA2024 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board Only

Q: What purpose does J3 serve? Could it be used to power an LED?


Sure Electronics AA-AB32971 2x100W Class D Audio Amplifier Board (T-Amp Technology)

Q: Is SW1 for gain control like with the 50Wx2 (AA-AB32174) amp?  If this is the case, do I really need the Volume Control Kit in order to achieve maximum gain? Left in the "on" positions, this amp appears to be no more powerful than the AA-AB32174.


Sure Electronics AA-AB32178 2x50W 4 Ohm Class D Audio Amplifier Board - TPA3116

Q: Does wiring the GND and STBY into a switch reduce the pop? The thump/pop is unbearable and I can see the woofers move upon powering it on.


Sure Electronics AA-AB31242 1x600W Class D Audio Amplifier Board (T-Amp Technology)

Q: Does this power supply work with this board? Qualtek QPDF-320-36 Switching Power Supply 36 VDC 8.8A 320W Single Output How much is the output power for an 8 ohm speaker, if I use that power supply?


Sure Electronics AA-AB33182 4x100W at 4 Ohm Class D Digital Audio Amplifier Board STA508 (TK2050)

Q: I'm interested in using this in my car with Part # 320-3376. What is the max RCA input line voltage these boards can handle?


Sure Electronics AA-AB35281 3x200W Class D Audio Amplifier Board - T-Amp

Q: What is teh best power supplie for this unit.


Sure Electronics AA-AB35281 3x200W Class D Audio Amplifier Board - T-Amp

Q: Are there more specifications for this? RMS output for various impedances? THD? Operational voltage range and current draw? Physical dimensions?


Sure Electronics AA-AB41121 75V 30A 12000uF Rectifier Board for Amplifiers

Q: Would I be able to use this power supply for Sure Electronics AA-AB33312 2x200W+1x400W Class D Audio Amplifier Board (T-Amp Technology, I need an amplifier with 2 ch at 200 watts each and like this rectifier. 


Sure Electronics AA-AB41136 Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board aptX +EDR 12 VDC

Q: Would there be a problem with wiring the output rca's to mono? The current project involves a tombstone AM tube radio with a single speaker that I'd like to turn into a bluetooth box and keep the tube amp. This requires mono input.


Parts Express BT-1A Bluetooth Receiver Module for Wireless Reception of Bluetooth Audio Signals

Q: I experience a high pitched frequency as soon as a device is connected to the bluetooth network - is there potentially something I'm doing wrong or could I have a bad unit? Happens through both AUX and RCA inputs, but connecting devices directly is fine.


Sure Electronics Battery Powered Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver with Power Supply Black

Q: After the receiver has been turned off, will it automatically reconnect when turned back on or do you have to re-pair everytime?


Parts Express Project Box 4-1/8" x 2-11/16" x 1-9/16"

Q: Is the aluminum top conductive to electricity?


Sure Electronics ME-TM22123 Blue LED Temperature Display External Sensor

Q: Does this item use a 10K ohm thermistor?


Kemo M040N Preamplifier Module

Q: I’d like use this preamp for a microphone input. I’d like it to be a universal mic input, both for dynamic mics and electret mics, will the “in” and “in+” tied together damage the dynamic mic, or will the dynamic mic damage the M040N preamp?


TDA7492 Digital Audio Amplifier Board 2x50W

Q: What speakers do you recommend for the TDA7492? I need to know how to wire the TDA7492 since it didn't come with instructions


2.1 Hi-Fi Class D Audio Amplifier Board 2x15W + 30W 10-18 VDC

Q: Trying to find a bit more info on this board.  Does anyone know what IC this thing uses?  The heatsink on mine has so much glue on it I am fairly certain if I take it off, the chips are coming with it.


2.1 Hi-Fi Class D Audio Amplifier Board 2x15W + 30W 10-18 VDC

Q: Is the subwoofer volume level loud? Iss it adjustable?


Yuan-Jing 6N2 Tube Pre-amplifier Board

Q: It would be nice to more spec,s on this Amp like S/N ratio and wattage if truly is a pre-amp . they say its very similar to 2 other amps but PE does not carry them.  You find complete spec's on pre-amp on Ebay . Come on PE !


Yuan-Jing 6N3 Tube Pre-amplifier Board

Q: What is the input and what is the output in mv? Is it equalized for magnetic cartridge, a microphone?


Yuan-Jing 6N3 Tube Pre-amplifier Board

Q: I was thinking of placing my unit inside a wood box (with cutout for tube), but I'm concerned the heat sink gets extremely hot (140F) after half-hour of use. Is this normal?


Yuan-Jing 3 x TDA7293 Parallel 250W Mono Power Amp Board

Q: I bought 4 of these to build a 4 channel amp to power my line arrays that run a Bhringer super X pro cross-over splitting up the woofer and twitter for need of a four channel Amp . Would a Yuan-Jing 6N2 Tube Pre-amplifier Board benefit me with these?


Yuan-Jing LM1875 2.1 Channel Amplifier Board 2 x 25W + 1 x 50W

Q: If a 40v ct is to high of a voltage input for this board, could I use a voltage divider to drop it down to an acceptable level. Any advice on the voltage dividers power or current ratings and resistance. At least let me know what is the max voltage


Yuan-Jing Quad TDA7294 BTL Stereo Amplifier Board with Speaker Protection 2 x 150W

Q: If i were to use 2 of these to make a 4 channel amp would i be able to power both with a 625VA 25V + 25V transformer or would i need 2 separate transformers?


Yuan-Jing TDA8920 BTL 2.0 Class D Audio Amplifier Board 2 x 140W

Q: Would the Avel transformer (122-625) be able to supply power to 2 of these amplifier modules? Or are both of the 25V legs from the transformer needed to power this amplifier.  Thanks


Yuan-Jing TDA7293 Dual Mono Amplifier Board Set 2 x 85W

Q: Do these boards come with mounting screws, shoulder washers and isolation sheets ?


Yuan-Jing Cirrus Logic CS3310 Remote Control Preamplifier Kit with LCD Display

Q: I want to build a remote device to control the volume on a vintage receiver. Will this device do the trick?  What is the difference between this and 320-6536 and 320-6538?  How does it attach to receiver?  Mine has pre and main in outs and tape loops.


Yuan-Jing NE5532 Stereo Preamplifier Volume Control Board with Treble Midrange and Bass Tone Controls

Q: Could this share a xformer (25.4v 2a CT) with the 320-6514 amp?


Yuan-Jing NE5532 Stereo Preamplifier Volume Control Board with Treble Midrange and Bass Tone Controls

Q: How can I power this and a Sure Electronics AA-AB32174 2x50W TDA7492 Class-D Amplifier Board from the same power source?


Yuan-Jing NE5532 Stereo Preamplifier Volume Control Board with Treble Midrange and Bass Tone Controls

Q: The amp board did not come with the nuts attached to the pot/knob threads that are pictured above. What is the spec for the nuts to purchase separately? Thanks!


Yuan-Jing 180W 12 VDC to +32/-32 VDC Boost Converter Voltage Step-Up Board with TL494 Controller

Q: So, I've hooked it up to a rudimentary heat sink and input 12V DC 5000 mah battery source. The heat sink heats up REALLY quick without drawing any output load. Measured for output with my trusty meter and there's zero output voltage. Bad board?


Harman Kardon BTA 10 Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

Q: Will this device pair with Apple TV gen 4? Also is the output, hdmi or digital?


Channel Vision 6010 Indoor Color Vari-focal Bullet Camera

Q: Is says the applications for this model are for security gates....etc. Is this an all weather camera? If not what does it need for protection from the elements?


Talos Security PS1812ADCUL Multi-Camera Power Supply 12VDC 12A 18 Camera UL Listed

Q: Do you have the 1 amp fuses for the outputs on this panel? Why does it blow a fuse just from plugging a camera in?


Talos Security B1080PN 2.8mm Lens Network IR Bullet Camera POE 1080P

Q: Passive POE requiring the 12v adapter?  Or active POE only requires the cat5e cable to power? 


Ferrofluid 100uL General Purpose for 1" Diameter V.C.

Q: Hello. Regarding the ferrofluid, may you please provide the exact Ferrotec type, I mean, APG L 11/12/14/19/23? Thanks in advance.


5 Minute Two Part Epoxy Adhesive 4.5 oz. Kit

Q: I have a Infinity Kappa perfect 12.1 that the tinsil lead broke the woofer is aluminum with an aluminum dust cap and I need to know what to use to glue it back on.


VViViD XPO Wood Grain Textured Oak Premium Film Vinyl Wrap 49" x 3 ft.

Q: Will light shine trough this? I am planning to put it on an alarm clock.


VViViD XPO Wood Grain Textured Light Teak Premium Film Vinyl Wrap 49" x 1 ft.

Q: Will light shine trough this? I am planning on putting it on an alarm clock.


VViViD XPO Steel Aluminum Premium Film Vinyl Wrap 5 ft. x 3 ft.

Q: Do you guys offer the brushed chrome steel by Vvivid?


Soldering Iron Holder

Q: Hello, would someone be able to tell me what the inside diameter is, and also the length? Thank-you


Deluxe 30 Watt Soldering Iron

Q: What is the temp this iron actually gets. Thanks Tim 


Velleman LAB2U 3-In-1 Lab Unit - Oscilloscope, Function Generator & Power Supply

Q: Seeing if this instrument can read RMS put out from car amps an measure wave forms like clipping .db a sub puts out or an enexpinsive tool to do so


Stahl Tools TCSS Temp Controlled Soldering Station ESD Safe

Q: I would like to know before I buy this station if the cord that goes to the iron from the station is supple / soft / bends easily, or is this cord like the less expensive SSVT model that is hard and not at all pliable making it hard to move the iron.


Stahl Tools TCSS Temp Controlled Soldering Station ESD Safe

Q: My TCSS has quit working and is out of warranty. Solid red light and no heat. Before ordering a replacement iron, is there a way to test my old one by measuring the resistance at the plug to be sure it's the problem?


3-1/2 Digit 19 Range Digital Multimeter with Transistor Test

Q: What are the input input impedances for this DMM? ie...ohm/volt AC/DC


Digital Multimeter 830L Backlit LCD

Q: What is the height of the digits on the Digital Multimeter 830L?


Dayton Audio OmniMic V2 Computer Based Precision Room Measurement System

Q: Does this run on Win 10 freely with no restriction?


Dayton Audio DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System

Q: I'm trying to import impedance .zma file generated by DATS V2 to SoundEasy. It imports, it but it looks strange. It looks like every other point in the graph is missing. Has anyone tried doing that? Am I missing something?


Dayton Audio iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone for Tablets iPhone iPad and Android

Q: What's the quietest sound level you can reliably measure with this ? I'm thinking to use it for comparing cooling systems which are actually very quiet... down around the mid 20s in dB(A) at 1 meter.


Audiomatica CLIO Pocket Personal Acoustic Measurement System

Q: Can the Clio pocket output graphics? If so, what file formats can it output? (emf, png, ai?)


OPEN BOX Band-It Red Oak Veneer 24" x 96" Paper-Backed

Q: How thick is the veneer? 


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