TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair

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The TriTrix MTM TL speaker design is hailed by DIYers as one of the best reasons to build your own! Never before has a speaker kit made such an impact in the DIY speaker building community.
  • Low price - proven performer
  • Assembly made easy via comprehensive manual
  • How to videos explain it all from start to finish
  • Kit includes everything you need to construct two complete speakers
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TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair

The TriTrix MTM Transmission Line Speaker Kit includes all the components you need to build a pair of the renowned TriTrix MTM speakers. Nearly $400 worth of components and cabinets have been discounted to almost HALF of the original combined price to save you money and get you started in speaker buildling. The knock-down TriTrix MTM transmission line (TL) cabinets save you time and money.

This kit's precision CNC cuts offer accuracy comparable to the craftsmanship of a master woodworker, maybe even better! 3/4" MDF construction ensures maximally damped enclosures to prevent annoying resonances that color the sound. Cabinets ship unassembled, but are simple, quick, and easy to put together. The TriTrix knock-down cabinet pair and the TriTrix component kit have been tremendously popular with Parts Express customers like you. Buy these two great kits bundled together and save!

Check out the review from Make Magazine: TriTrix

Package Includes:


Qty Part Number Description
2 275-075 Dayton Audio DC28FS-8 shielded silk some tweeters
4 295-302 Dayton Audio DC130BS-4 classic shielded woofers
2 266-836 2.50mH 18 AWG air core inductors
2 266-818 0.60mH 18 AWG air core inductors
2 027-428 Dayton Audio DMPC-10 10uF-250V polypropylene caps
2 027-436 Dayton Audio DMPC-20 20uF-250V polypropylene caps
2 004-2.4 Dayton Audio DNR-2.4 ohm 10W resistors
2 091-1154 Gold binding post pairs
2 260-317 Acousta-Stuf Polyfill 1 lb. bags


Note: Crossover parts and speaker terminals may be substituted for comparable parts at any time. 

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TriTrix user image 001 Harold H.
from Lynchburg,VA
TriTrix user image 002 Anonymous Customer
Dave T. TriTrix Dave T.
from Madison, NJ
Granite TriTrix David E. 
from Salt Lake, UT

TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair includes the following items:
Qty Part # Item
1300-700TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Kit Components Only Pair
1300-701TriTrix MTM TL Knock-Down CNC Speaker Cabinet Pair
No substitutions allowed. The above may include some items that are not available for purchase separately.

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  • Cabinet OptionsUnfinished/Unassembled
TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair
  • BrandParts Express
  • Part Number300-702
  • UPC844632084331
  • Product CategorySpeaker Kits
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (48 Reviews)
  • Weight83.1 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair
TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair is rated 4.7083 out of 5 by 48.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from TriTrix MTMAssembly video for the crossovers was tremendous. CNC cuts on the MDF cabinets were very precise, making assembly using the included manual error free. It was not clear where to mount the crossovers in the cabinet, but my best guess and info from the speaker system designer's web site matched up. I am in the process of applying a piano black finish to the enclosures, then, WAHOO! pop the speakers in with the push on connectors that I used on wires leading from the crossovers, pop in the bolts, and crank it up!
Date published: 2014-03-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Real Music for less tht the price os a used car.These are exceptionally good speakers for the price. I’ve been an audiophile nerd type for many years and have owned a lot of equipment with a wide range of prices. I’ve played with designing and building speakers as well and having used some great testing software/hardware in the process. I will never be a world class engineer but I did learn enough from the engineering and from the hobby side to know these are an amazing value. You could spend a lot more to get a lot less. These seem to measure quite well with limited tools I have now have but most importantly they are not “tuned” to the big box nasty yell on you face to get your $ market place. Things like bloated muddy mid-bass and nasty and shrill highs. These sound like music and will put a smile on your face. Just buy them, have some fun building something to be proud of, and enjoy some real music. I’m going to buy another set myself. (Yes – I am listening as I type and I am enjoying)
Date published: 2014-04-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Think I like them from what I read ?I am going from what I have read in the reviews before I purchase and I am sure I will be very happy with them in the end because I have not purchased anything from Parts Express yet that I did not like but no where in this article does it mention the overall size of these speakers ? thanks ken k
Date published: 2014-04-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy build even for a novice.I bought the kit based on the reviews. I was not disappointed. It took about 12hours to assemble the speakers. I hooked them up to my mono blocks and they sounded great for the price. I built them for my daughters home theater, front left and right speakers. She loved them. I am now in the process of paintingthem. Great speaker for the price and a blast to build.
Date published: 2014-04-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from TRI TRIXX Tml Towers "Surprisingly Worthy Upgrade"I bought the speaker build kit after reading many reviews and research ,using ,  3/4 mdf board from Lowes .With some planning and support of Parts express and others who have built these speakers. I would like to thank Curt,Parts Express and all others who posted their experiences while building them.Everything I need to know can be found with  a little searching, from prints, diagrams,parts lists , specs, building,and finishing.The sound from these are a pleasant surprise and a worthy upgrade from mass produced store bought plastic hooties.The footprint is about the same as those tall skinny ones with a big base.8 inches wide.Made mine 43 inches tall with crossover in bottom, and they weigh about 85 lbs.Dimensions 8x14.25x43.Quality sounding, great design and  affordable parts.I am happy with this .Thanks
Date published: 2014-04-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great sound, fun to buildThis was my first attempt at building speakers and, I have to say, I'm impressed!  I started off a few months ago by building a bar with a live-edge, solid plank bar top.  After completing the bar build, the next logical step was to start looking for a stereo setup for music.  After scouring craigslist and eBay for higher-end speakers, I was still music-less in my new bar.  At this point, I decided to look into building myself a set of speakers and, based on the reviews here and on other forums, the TriTrix TL line seemed to fit the bill.  I ordered the speakers and they shipped the same day (with free shipping).  The speaker components arrived at my door just a few days later and, the following weekend, I was well on my way to having these DIY speakers filling my bar with sound.Construction was straight forward after reading the instructions and watching the videos provided by PE.  I bought and used 3 wood clamps during the cabinet build, which would be the minimum amount I would recommend. Cabinet construction was very easy for the most part.  The most difficult part was, after building the majority of the cabinet, setting the last piece (side panel) on top and getting it aligned with the support braces and all other edges.  From my research, don't get carried away with the acousta-stuf polyfill.  I used one bag for both speakers.The thought of building the crossovers was the most intimidating part of the build but, once you understand the schematic and layout, it's pretty straight forward.  If you're new to soldering, like me, practice soldering on scrap wires to hone your skills.  I still haven't mastered tinning but, the crossovers turned out fine, they're just not the prettiest.  I hot glued the crossover components to some 3/4" MDF I had laying around and wood glued it to the top, inside panel of the speaker cabinets.  This kept wire leads short and left ample room for all components once installed.Once I had everything assembled and let the speaker cabinets dry overnight, I hooked them up to my Adcom GFA-555 (200 wpc).  These speakers sound great!  They need some time to break in but, voice reproduction is fantastic.  Highs sound great without being "bright" or harsh.  I could literally listen to these speakers all day.  I did find them lacking in the bass department.  Just today I added my Monitor Audio ASW210 (dual 10" subs) to the mix and it's perfect!  By far the best 2ch setup I've heard and, to think, I built the speakers myself!  I'm really pleased with this setup and my decision to go the DIY route.  By far the best bang for your buck.  I'm already starting to plan my subwoofer build.  
Date published: 2014-03-16

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TriTrix MTM TL Speaker Components And Cabinet Kit Pair

performance issue

I have finished my Tritrix speakers and am dissappointed in the sound quality. I have an old pair of Infinity SM speakers and they sound much better. One thing that concerns me is that I need to turn the reciever volume much higher on your speakers to get the same level of sound. Is that indicative of a problem?
Asked by: asg33gty
recheck all wiring, test woofer phase with d-cell bass drivers ,,both,,should move forward when dc is touched to the hot input and ground, go to itunes for 30 sec test tone samples and google some audio free tests this can narrow the problem,, even a speaker may be internally wired backwards and cause audio mayhem .. next check the amp
Answered by: digitalhaven 53
Date published: 2013-07-09

Does this kit have/need a crossover PCB?

I'm new to speaker kits, though not so new to electronics and soldering, or circuit schematics. I see that this kit includes everything for the crossover but am uncertain how it comes together - do you need to solder this to a crossover PCB, which parts-express seems to sell? Or does it come with its own PCBs, or doesn't need to be on a PCB at all? Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom.
Asked by: charlener
All you need is a piece of wood, or anything non-conductive really. I like to use pegboard, because you can strap the components down by using zipties through the holes, but you can use whatever you wantOn the product's page, look under Product Videos (near the top). One of them shows the assembly of the crossover. You can also check out the Techtalk forum. You'll see lots of builds that show assembled crossovers
Answered by: Mike985
Date published: 2012-07-16

where exactly does the crossover mount to inside the enclosures?

please describe in general / generic terms and include a picture or diagram if possible. thanks.
Asked by: JJPP
There are no restrictions to where the crossover needs to be mounted. Most customers place them in the bottom of the cabinet near the terminus.For more information, refer to this webpage:http://www.parts-express.com/projectshowcase/indexn.cfm?project=Tritrix
Answered by: mikevv
Date published: 2011-05-27

How badly will I affect the sound quality if these are modified slightly/installed in an entertainment center?

I have a large entertainment center and would love to put a couple of these inside on either side of the tv.My questions are two-fold:1) Does the TL design require the speakers to be set away from side walls or would it be ok for them to be in what is essentially a large cabinet with a TV in between?2) I have exactly 35.5" of vertical clearance inside the entertainment center and, according to the drawings, these are exactly 36" tall. Would I be causing irreversible damage to the sound quality of the design if I cheated 1" out of the bottom of the cabinet?
Asked by: osu32
the tri trix uses the out of phase back wave of the woofers to invert in phase with a horn/labyrinth backside to revert the bass wave below 1oo hz into the room in phase the effect of shrinking the cabinet is changing the low end response slightly , the tri trix is a free standing system and you may try other configurations with your cabinet with better results, you have plenty of room for other designs in the center, look at some of the projects on the DIY page, adjust your ideas ,maybe a separate sub or 4 , 5 in clearance 2 ohmers and a good x'over with tweeter. a sealed cabinet that fits your shelf would perform better and you would have to decorate only the front of the system,Many options with this much space!
Answered by: digitalhaven 53
Date published: 2012-01-09

Bass volume?

I live in an apartment and don't want to irritate my neighbors. If I have these at a reasonable volume, will the bass be loud enough to cause issues?
Asked by: MinskyBA
the bass falls off slowly around 100hz but still has good response around 40hz. at low volume i think these would be fine. just be warned they will get LOUD :-). i use a ta2020 Tamp (15Wx2) and they sound great.
Answered by: Matt's Watts
Date published: 2013-02-18

Any options for doing a bi-wireable build?

I'd love to be able able to "passively" biwire these. Any options for that? Keeping in mind that I'm an absolute novice and would have no idea how to change the crossover design or whatever on my own.
Asked by: wes in va
If you have a good amp to begin with, there would be little benefit to bi-wiring this speaker. The benefit in "bi-amping" is that each amp only handles a specific frequency range optimizing its performance - which requires an electronic crossover. This speaker could, however, be converted to bi-wire. You would need a different terminal setup for the cabinet back, and yes, you would need to know how to work with the crossover components to do the job. It's not terribly
Answered by: MarkAJH
Date published: 2012-09-03


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