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Dan has a BS in Physics and has worked
in the additive manufacturing industry
for the last decade, specializing in laser
sintering technology and processes.
Dan’s obsession with speakers began
in the early 1990s after modifying some
speakers he found in the garbage. A friend
told him if he built larger boxes for them,
they would produce “more bass”. He was
right, and Dan was sold. Dan has been,
and still is, fascinated by the science, art,
construction, compromise, beauty, and
music that speakers comprise.
Hong is a former emergency and
trauma nurse who currently specializes
in the development and management
of ambulatory surgery centers. With no
formal training in electronics, Hong avidly
reads the Tech Talk forum and believes
that the best way to learn the art of
speaker building is to dive into the process
and take advantage of best practices
created by expert members of the forum,
while being unafraid of asking questions
or making mistakes. Hong enjoys the
creativity of designing his own speaker
systems, and the incredible support and
coaching he gets from fellow members of
the forum.
Dan is a Landscape Architect who lives
in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a native
of Michigan and graduate of Michigan
State University, but became a converted
Hoosier after residing in Bloomington
since 1979. He has no formal electronics
training, but has had a passion for audio
since his college days and also enjoys
woodworking. Listening to music replaced
playing it, which he did as a trumpet
player for the 8 years prior to college. He
first discovered the DIY speaker hobby in
2005 after finding the Parts Express Tech
Talk forum online.
Ever since his dad gave him a 50-in-1
electronics project kit from Radio Shack
when he was 8 years old, Pete has been
fascinated by electronics and sound.
Pete’s fascination with speakers reached
a new level when he repaired his first 10”
3-way with a new Philips dome tweeter
over the paper cone original. Today with
Vapor Audio, Pete gets to work regularly
with the finest drivers on earth, build
some of the most unusual enclosures,
and design speakers that regularly get
accolades from reviewers and enthusiasts
alike; a dream come true.
At some point in middle school Roman
realized that music on his old speakers
sounded rather different from live sound,
and the quest began. Roman took some
core math and physics courses at one of
the universities back in St. Petersburg;
when he moved to New York with his
family, he enrolled in the school there.
For the last few years Roman has been
involved actively on various Speaker DIY
forums and other activities, which led
him to become the host of the NY DIY
Show and Iron Driver competition for
several consecutive years. Roman enjoys
designing and testing various speaker
systems and he is looking forward to
building new and exciting speakers for
Parts Express.
Pete learned how to solder from his
dad, a US Navy trained electronics tech,
at a very young age and tinkered out
of curiosity with both electronics and
speakers. He built his first wooden box
speaker also at a very young age with
a pair of 5" full range speakers. Pete
attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute
(WPI) for a BS in EE with emphasis on
communications systems, analog design,
signal processing and audio engineering.
He obtained a Masters of Engineering
from Cornell in EE with emphasis
on analog and digital design/signal
processing. Pete believes in learning how
to apply the theory from both the classics
and from the best modern designs and
has reverse engineered quite a few
Speaker Building
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