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Speaker Building
he Parts Express Speaker Building Design Team
draws from our community of speaker builders and
audio enthusiasts who are always willing to help
others, provide ideas, and share advice.
The Speaker Building Design Team is comprised of ten
individuals who were selected based on their excitement
about building speakers, their passion for Parts Express
and the products we carry, and their desire to share their
ideas with others.
Team members receive a monthly stipend to spend on
parts for their project. They are then given ninety days to
complete a finished project. Each project will incorporate
a broad variety of products available for purchase at
Parts Express and include full, step-by-step instructions.
These finished projects will provide solution-based ideas
for the benefit of speaker building hobbyists, and will be
showcased via our online Project Gallery and in upcoming
print publications.
Meet the Team
Scott lives in Bettendorf, Iowa and has
been interested in home audio since
childhood, building his first pair of
speakers (a 2-way Radio Shack design)
over 20 years ago. Most of Scott’s designs
have concentrated on trying to achieve
performance approaching that of high end
boutique speakers but using moderately
priced components, while also focusing
on moderate-to-small physical size in
order to improve compatibility with a wider
range of applications. Scott received a
Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from Missouri
S&T (formerly the University of
Missouri-Rolla). He is an Engineering
Manager for Cobham PLC, A UK owned
aerospace and defense company.
Johnny, or “JR” as he is commonly
known within the DIY crowd, was
exposed to music the moment he was
born. He started tinkering in DIY audio
in his mid-teens by buying raw drivers
and crossovers from Radio Shack. JR
has written several articles targeted
towards beginners in DIY speaker design,
including tutorials for the popular WinISD
and PCD. His designs run the gamut
from ultra-simple and low budget 2-ways
to more traditional higher performing
3-way towers. He believes in DIY for the
sake of DIY.
John is a former design engineer turned
manager. He has been interested in
stereos and building speakers since
reading his first Stereo Review in 1978.
Today, John enjoys designing and building
speakers as a creative outlet. He likes
to include something different in each of
his designs whether it’s an open baffle
or an unusual shape or finish. John
lives in Manchester, Missouri.
Rich has been interested in high-end
audio since high school, and has been
building loudspeakers for 30+ years.
In recent years, his primary interest in
loudspeaker design has been
various forms of line array and open
baffle speakers; especially
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
(DML) flat panel designs. During the
day he is a web developer and manages
the SDLC processes for a leading
global Consumer Products company.
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