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Speaker Building
Cabinet Construction
The cabinet is offered as a flat-pack kit by Parts Express, and includes an attractive double-thick diffraction
reducing front baffle, routed to recess and time-align the drivers, with large chamfers on the back of the woofer
openings. The braced cabinet uses a horizontal window brace placed just below the woofers. This brace holds the
damping material in the upper half of the enclosure, while the lower half remains empty. At the bottom of the back
of the enclosure is a shelf which comprises a slot port which tunes the cabinet to 37 Hz, but makes use of the
tower design for transmission line loading as well. All panels in the kit are CNC cut and ready for assembly with
very tight tolerances and excellent enclosure engineering by Denovo Audio.
The computer predicted
F3 for the speaker is 34
Hz with an F6 of 30 Hz,
although in my room I
measure strong output to
25 Hz. The bass is clean,
extended, and non-boomy.
The system sensitivity
is approximately 87 dB,
with an extremely flat
frequency response. The
system has a nominal
impedance of 6 - 8 ohms,
with an impedance
minimum of 4.5 ohms, so
the load is reasonable for
almost any amplifier. Due
to the woofer loading it
handles power very well
without bottoming the
woofer and can play at
pretty high SPL’s with very
low distortion.
System Specifications
• OmniMic V2 used for individual driver
and final design measurements
• Compact, portable, accurate, affordable
• Intuitive software—open the box,
start testing in minutes
• Optimized for use with netbooks
and laptops
• Accurate response down to 5 Hz,
fully calibrated, includes FRD file
I was extremely pleased with how this speaker turned out. Its bass response is extended to the point that most
people will not ever need a subwoofer. The transition between the bass to the midrange is very coherent due to
the MLTL loading. The high frequencies are flat and smooth in typical Morel fashion. But the midrange is where
the real beauty lies; this speaker has made me rethink what state-of-the-art midrange is, as it has among the best
midrange reproduction I have ever heard. Whether vocals, piano, or horns, this speaker has a touch of realism
that is often very hard to achieve.
This is one of the finest reasonably-
sized tower speakers I have ever
had the pleasure of listening to.
Dayton Audio OmniMic V2 Precision Measurement System
Room Response
Final Impedance
Everything you need to build your
own Solstice speaker!
The Solstice speaker design by
Jeff Bagby is available as a kit
from Parts Express.
• Includes cabinet drawing,
schematic, assembly guide,
and building tips
• Designed and fine-tuned by
expert designer Jeff Bagby
• Quality MDF construction;
easy to build and finish
• High-end woofers and
tweeter from Morel
About the Designer: Jeff Bagby
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Jeff Bagby, creator of Passive Crossover Designer and numerous other software design tools, is a thirty-year engineer in the
automotive industry working in automatic transmission assembly systems and quality control. He has been building loudspeakers
since his college days when he fell in love with this hobby, and now consults for a number of companies in the loudspeaker
industry. He lives in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife and son.
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