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Network (IP) Cameras
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Network Video Recorders (commonly referred to as an NVR)
can connect to a network via single connection and capture
video streams from cameras located anywhere on the network.
This is a flexible and cost saving solution if the network
infrastructure is already in place or if the project scope calls for
future expandability accommodating large numbers of cameras.
IP cameras (commonly referred to as Network cameras, or
Megapixel cameras) feature an embedded video server that
converts images into a digital format inside of the camera.
Because IP cameras are embedded devices and do not need to
output an analog signal, they are capable of capturing far higher
resolutions than traditional analog or analog HD cameras.
IP cameras connect to a local network via a single Ethernet
cable, which transmits power, video, and data to and from the
camera. Additionally, IP cameras have a unique IP address, and
can be accessed directly via the network – providing remote
access and storage flexibility.
• ONVIF standardization ensures compatibility across
multiple platforms
• Capable of higher resolutions (greater than 1080P) than most
traditional analog or analog HD solutions
• Transmit power, video, and data over single Ethernet cable
• IP camera can operate as a standalone network device,
capable of functioning without a network video recorder
• Installation of IP devices can be a tremendous cost savings
using existing network infrastructure to transmit and record
Features & Benefits
Analog High Definition (AHD) is an
alternative standard for HD data
transmission utilized by security industry
chip manufacturers. AHD solutions are
capable of transmitting 720p @ 25-30 fps
while minimizing data loss. AHD recorders
are compatible with all analog and AHD
cameras, in limited configurations.
AHD currently offers a lower max
resolution vs. other HD CCTV formats
– at 720p. However, AHD delivers a
lower quality image than HD-SDI. The
technology is capable of long video
transmission distances up to 1,600 feet.
• DVR Image quality is good and is a
relatively low cost solution
• Transmits zero latency (smooth motion)
over standard coax or UTP cabling
• Backwards compatible with all analog
cameras and standard coaxial cabling
• Features digital zoom capabilities in
both live and playback mode
• Hybrid recorder accepts both standard
definition analog (CIF-960H) and AHD
(720p) cameras in paired inputs
• Longer transmission distances
than HD-SDI
Security Systems Features
• Compatible with all AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and analog video signals
• Built-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection
• Transmits full color AHD video signals up to 1,000 ft. over Cat 6 cable
Longer runs for less
Talos Security 1-Pair Passive AHD Video Baluns
• Sequential marks every
two feet, shows cable
remaining at-a-glance
Wired Home Cat 6 CMR Rated
Solid Cond 500 MHz Blue
Talos Security DRT161 16-Ch Tribrid DVR 960H/AHD 720P/
Talos Security DRT81 8-Ch Tribrid DVR 960H/AHD720P/
Talos Security DRT41 4-Ch Tribrid DVR 960H/AHD 720P/
Talos Security DRT DVRs
The DRT Digital Video Recorder
Series is a Tribrid capable
of connecting three different
type camera signals, IP
cameras, ADH cameras and
standard analog cameras.
Compact and easy to set up, these entry level
systems are great for home or small office applications. Watch remotely
while you are away, using a web browser, CMS software, or IOS and
Android App. These systems are specifically designed to meet your security
needs and your budget. High Definition video never looked so good.
Talos Security DRAL801
8-Channel AHD 720P-960H DVR
DRAL1600 AHD Hybrid Series DVR
system is the pinnacle of reliability, image
quality, performance and ease of use.
Supports HD, 720P AHD and SD 960H
camera resolution for better image quality,
clarity, and flexibility.
This DRN1600 16
channel Network
Video Recorder
works with ONVIF
IP and Network Cameras. If you are looking for a flexible
Network Video Surveillance solution we have you covered.
Talos Security DRN1600 16-Channel
ONVIF Network Video Recorder
Upgrade your existing coaxial
infrastructure. With the universal HD-SDI
high definition over coax solution from
Talos Security, you can cover more area
with less equipment. This saves you time
and money.
Talos Security DRUL1601 16-Channel
Compact HD-SDI Universal
Features & Benefits
High-definition Serial Digital Interface
(HD-SDI) was the first HD Analog format
introduced to the video security market.
HD-SDI solutions are capable of
transmitting 720p or 1080p resolution
video over standard coaxial cable.
HD-SDI Universal recorders are compatible
with HD-SDI cameras and analog models
in any configuration. HD-SDI offers
comparable resolution to other 1080P HD
CCTV formats, and arguably produces the
highest quality image.
However, the HD-SDI digital signal is limited
to shorter video transmission distances up
to 350 feet and over coax cable only.
• Supports up to 960H Analog, 720p, and
1080p HD-SDI cameras
• Transmits with zero latency (smooth
motion) over standard coax cabling
• Backwards compatible with analog
cameras and standard coaxial cabling
• Features digital zoom capabilities in both
live and playback mode
• Universal recorder accepts standard
definition analog (CIF-960H) or HD-SDI
(720p & 1080p) cameras in any
channel input
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