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• 4.0 Bluetooth
headphones with aptX
create robust sound
• Four drivers in each
ear cup for enormous
bass and 3D sound
• Convenient built-in
microphone for phone
• Built-in media player
and DAC plays lossless
media straight from
microSD card
Bluedio R+ Black Bluetooth Headphones
with aptX and Micro SD
are relatively
small—their less than ideal compression
minimizes data content while saving
space. Less-discriminating reconstruction
methods result in imprecise, “lossy”
content that comes close enough
to the original for some purposes
but insufficiently for others. If the
source material’s recording quality is
unexceptional, or sheer volume of storage
is paramount, MP3 files are acceptable.
Lossless data storage employs
sophisticated data compression
algorithms to reconstruct unadulterated
content rendered from the original
compressed information. If you want
uncompromised audio reproduction
of well-engineered music tracks, and
a specific media player has sufficient
storage space for your library, go lossless!
FiiO’s new players support lossless audio
formats and feature a cleverly intuitive
user interface. They’re trim, sophisticated,
and best of all, faithful to your music. Why
settle for less than the original?
What Do You
Have to Lose?
Lossy or Lossless
The latest technology for less!
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