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Class D
amplifiers have become increasingly popular thanks
to their extremely high electrical efficiency (around 90%), moderate
heat output, and solid bass punch. They employ pulse-width-
modulation: the audio signal is amplified at a very high switching
rate and then filtered at the output stage to remove unwanted high
frequency noise.
Class T
refers to Class D-based Tripath chipsets that use
proprietary techniques to control pulse width modulation, done in
pursuit of better performance (e.g., lower noise, lower distortion,
etc.). For years, audiophiles everywhere have praised Class
T amplifiers’ superior sound quality. IEEE Spectrum magazine
named the TA2020 one of the 25 chips that “shook the world.”
Unfortunately, Tripath had financial problems and is no longer in
business, so the chipset supply is limited!
Both of these mini amp classes deliver efficient, dynamic, effortless
high fidelity audio amplification.
For the ultimate compact audio solution, the latest mini amps
include convenient features like multiple source options, remote
controls, USB DACs, and Bluetooth connectivity.
A revolution is taking place in the amplifier
industry, and it’s because of a new generation
of small, powerful, efficient designs!
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