RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65

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Create your own custom lighting with RGB LED tape strips. Pre-applied adhesive attaches to almost any surface and the sealed design is impact resistant and weatherproof. This 39.36" long strip features 30 RGB LEDs and can be cut to custom lengths.
  • 30 LEDs with seven different color combinations
  • Longer life and lower power consumption compared to rope lights
  • Connects to LED remote control units for custom effects
  • Cut lines on circuit board for creating miniature segments
  • Impact resistant and weatherproof for outdoor use with adhesive backing
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RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65

These LED tape strips are built with 3 bright surface mount RGB LEDs per every 3.94" for amazing color density. These strips are great for use as indoor strip lighting or illuminating a display case. Connecting multiple strips together is made quick and simple with solder tabs on the end of each strip. Aggressive adhesive is affixed to the back of the strip for permanent mounting.

Each strip is marked with cut lines for creating a custom length strip, or up to 10 miniature 3.94" strips with three RGB LEDs per section. Each section features four solder points (voltage +, green, red, and blue) to create one of seven different colors and for easy daisy-chaining.

To facilitate ease of use, Sure Electronics has built-in voltage dropping resistors. Simply connect a 12 VDC power supply (up to a 12 VDC, 3A power supply is recommended and sold separately) to the solder points (see wiring diagram in Manuals/Resources section on the right) and go! Additionally, you can use either the 24 or 44-key remote control LED control unit for color control or to create amazing effects. Pre-terminated with a 5" pigtail for connection to an LED control unit (sold separately). CE and RoHS compliant and IP65 rated  (no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.).


Strip Specifications: • Minimum power requirements (per strip): 12 VDC, 1.2A • Overall dimensions: 0.44" W x 39.36" L x 0.125" H (11 x 1000 x 3.2 mm) • Segment dimensions (10 segments per strip): 3.94" L (100 mm) L.

RGB LED Specifications: • Red: 624 nm wavelength, 18 lumens • Green: 518 nm wavelength, 45 lumens • Blue: 471 nm wavelength, 18 lumens. 

RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65
  • BrandParts Express
  • ModelDC-LE12117
  • Part Number073-072
  • UPC844632093708
  • Product CategoryAccent & Party Lighting
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (2 Reviews)
  • Weight0.2 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65
RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65 is rated 4.0 out of 5 by 2.
Rated 4 out of 5 by from falls off back of my tv as bias lightingCons:1. Does not include power supply2. Glue is not very good, falls off back of T.V3. Connector to the Control Unit is too short (control unit can only hang or be attached to back of t.v)4. Hard to place IR sensor (specific side must face out)Pros:1. very bright,2. Most options work3. Very nice effects
Date published: 2013-11-18
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great product, not sure about the packaging.The LED stip lighting is exactly as expected. The colors are bright and vibrant. Even during the day it is still bright. I purchased the 44 key controler and driver to go along with these and the color range is pretty good. I have it installed on the back of my desk and it's pretty neat to have a mini light show in my music room.My only complaint lies not with the product, but with the way that it was packaged. It was coiled and put inside a small plastic bag with some bubble wrap around it. They coiled it so tight that the protective covering for these LEDs had cracked in many places along the strip, rendering the waterproof feature void. This also caused the adhesive backing to start coming off in some places. This took quite a few points from features and performance. Otherwise a good product and one I recommend.So if you are looking for some LED lighting with the ability to customize and control them easily and cheaply, go ahead and purchase this product. If you want something that will fare better than my purchase did, get the next size up. It is pictured with a reel that would probably help prevent the cracking that I experienced.
Date published: 2013-11-18

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RGB 30 LED 1m Tape Lighting Strip 12 VDC Waterproof IP65

How can I power this LED strip portably (by battery)?

A large 12v battery would not work for me as it would be to large and heavy. Is there any way to use AA, AAA, C, 9v, etc.? If so, what parts would I need?
Asked by: Brandon C
Your best option would be 10 nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries in series. This will provide 12V. As for the size of batteries, almost any of the typical sizes would do (AAA, AA, C, or D), but, of course, the larger the battery, the longer the runtime. Assuming the light strip uses 1.2A, as advertised, you will get approximately the following runtimes with the following battery sizes:- 10 AAA’s in series: ~45 minutes (assuming the batteries have a capacity of 900mAh)- 10 AA’s in series: ~2hrs (assuming the batteries have a capacity of 2400mAh)- 10 C’s in series: ~6hrs (assuming the batteries have a capacity of 6000mAh)- 10 D’s in series: ~10hrs (assuming the batteries have a capacity of 12000mAh)If you need more runtime while using a given battery size, then adding another 10 batteries in series, and putting them in parallel with the original 10 batteries, will double the runtime.As for needed parts, look here: http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?srchExt=Cat&srchCat=64. For example, if you use AA’s, then buy any configuration of AA battery holders that adds up to 10 batteries. For example, a 6-cell holder and a 4-cell holder. Or, an 8-cell holder and a 2-cell holder. You will also need the 9V battery clips shown on that page, to be able to easily wire the holders together. To wire it up, connect the battery holders in series (by attaching the red wire of one holder to the black wire of another), then connect it to the light strip. If you go with battery sizes other than AA’s then you’ll have to look elsewhere for the battery holders because PE only sells AA battery holders it would seem.Here’s a discussion of some other battery options:- As you said, a 12V lead-acid battery would not work. Lead-acid batteries have a low energy density, so they’re heavy and generally not good for portable applications.- Lithium-based batteries: unless you’re experienced with electronics, and have done thorough research on how to use lithium batteries (especially concerning safety), then stay away from lithium batteries! They can be very dangerous!- Nickel-cadmium would work just about as well as NiMH, but would have runtimes of about 40% less for a given battery size. Also, NiCads are now rare because they are being phased out, due to the fact that they contain toxic cadmium.- Alkaline batteries would not work well, unless you use a HUGE number of batteries (which then wouldn’t be very portable). Alkalines can only deliver very small currents with any reasonable amount of efficiency. If you try drawing a large current from an alkaline battery, it will die prematurely because a lot of its power will be wasted as heat within the battery. Generally, a AA alkaline can only reasonably deliver up to about 500mA, and a D alkaline can deliver up to about 2500mA. Also note, when putting batteries in series, the same rules apply for the current. So, a single AA can only effectively deliver 500mA, just as 2 AA’s in series can only effectively deliver 500mA. So, if you wanted to use alkalines for this light strip, you’d need 8 AA’s in series (to get 12V), and then have 2 (preferably 3) banks of those 8 batteries in parallel (16 − 24 AA’s in total), in order to ensure that none of the batteries are delivering too much current (3x500mA = 1500mA = 1.5A, which would be enough to be able to deliver the light strip’s 1.2A needs).- There are other battery types that could be used as well, but they are rare, so no point discussing them.- As for 9V batteries, do not use them for this application, no matter what battery chemistry they are (alkaline, NiMH, NiCad, etc). For one thing they won’t provide the right voltage (9V will probably light up the strip, but dimly). Also, 9V batteries can only deliver minuscule amounts of current. I believe that a 9V alkaline can only effectively deliver about 50mA, and a 9V NiMH can deliver about 250mA.
Answered by: eboyer
Date published: 2013-09-15

How do i power these without batteries?

Can i plug them into the wall. i dont want to use batteries if at all possible
Asked by: BChristy15
You could connect them to your automobile electric system. Or, you could use a 110vac to 12vdc power adapter (don't plug them into the wall directly, they'll glow bright briefly, then never again). Another source of power would be solar cells.
Answered by: ElectricWiiz
Date published: 2012-06-29

Is this strip flexible? Is there a way to connect these lights to an amplifier?

Asked by: EL54
The answers are yes, and yes.But to answer the second question more correctly, I have to let you know, the only way to do so is to buy the audio interface board sold here by Sure Electronics. I linked the kit, and the needed power supply. You may need to know some basic soldering to do this by the way.
Answered by: Richard Rubner
Date published: 2012-05-28

What is the inherent state of the LED's at power up?

I am trying to find a way to install some LED's like this so that a switch can flip them on and they do the same thing every time.
Asked by: Stageboy 9798
add in to my last answerif you would only like to run them in a stationary color mode they can be hooked uo with 12 volts feeding the strip and any one or more of the grounds switched to enable your color choice:RGB = whitegreen = green - blue = blue - red= redred and green = yellow - red and blue = magentagreen and blue = teal(ish)you would lose any dimming capabilities doing this
Answered by: Blinky
Date published: 2013-05-30

I see a white strip pictured, but don't see a way to specify it when I order. How do I do that?

Asked by: UniSound
Order by P/N.
Answered by: Fanden
Date published: 2012-12-04

Technique on solderng jumper wires?

I'm having trouble soldering jumper wires to the ends. is there some sort of technique I'm missing out on?
Asked by: DJ Higgumz
the strip can prove diffucult to solder to if you have not cleaned the copper pads of all the waterproofing on them, I use a razorblade to ensure that they are clean.Then just tin each pad with your soldering iron and tin the wires, then just put them together with a little heat.Good Luck
Answered by: Blinky
Date published: 2012-10-18


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