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We've made it easier to find the woofer that fits your specific application,
whatever that may be. This guide contains every woofer we carry,
along with suggested optimum box dimensions, countless driver parameters, and more.
All of this is contained in an easy-to-use, sortable guide to help you choose the perfect woofer.

Using This Guide

The Woofer Selection Guide is intended to help you select the correct woofer for your application. For quick comparison, woofers can be sorted by size, power handling or any other specification by simply clicking on the appropriate column. Many woofers can be used in sealed or vented applications, though there is a trade off between enclosure size and bass extension.

The enclosure volumes and F3s are based on BassBox "optimum" calculations and should be used only as a guide. The enclosure volume of any driver can vary greatly, depending on a variety of factors that are determined by the goals of your particular system. Example: a woofer used in a smaller than optimum vented box is often preferred for high-output, high-power applications. Conversely, a larger than optimum vented box can be used to achieve maximum low-frequency extension but will reduce power handling. Also, by damping the enclosure (particularly in a sealed box) the recommended enclosure size can be reduced up to 25%.

If you have any questions regarding the performance of any driver for your particular application, please contact our knowledgeable technical staff.

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