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Resources - Speaker Replacement

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If you're looking to repair or replace your speaker you have come to the right place!

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Replace Your Speaker

Replace Your Speaker
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Speaker Selection Guides
Easy-to-use, sortable guides to help find the right speaker.

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Repair It Yourself

Self Repair Kit

Car Audio Speakers

Replace your Car Audio Speakers
Car Audio Manufacturer

Shop By Car Audio Type

Car Audio How-to Guide
Your one stop informative resource on adding a subwoofer to your car stereo system.

Car Audio Selection Guide
Quick and easy guide to help
you find the the right car speaker!



Speaker Resources

Replacement Drivers Resources
Calculate if a Woofer can be Mounted Up or Down-Firing

Speaker Dimension Guide

Speaker Replacement, the Basics

Parallel and Series Speaker Driver Ohm Ratings

Build Your Own Speakers
Building an Automotive Subwoofer

Building a Home Theater
Subwoofer System

Building a Pro Sound Subwoofer


How to refoam a speaker

How to refoam a speaker video

Speakers need a little love? Got a cracked surround or dented speaker cap? Replacing isn't your only option. Watch and learn how to refoam your own speakers. 

Crossovers and Components
Building a Crossover

Crossover Component
Selection & Design

Crossover Help w/Example

Crossover FAQs Page

More Crossover and Components
Soldering, the Basics
Soldering/Desoldering Tool
Capacitors and Inductors

Refoam and Repair
Foam Surround Replacement

Dayton Audio Subwoofer Kit

Dayton Audio Subwoofer Kit Video

Cut out the middle man by building your own! We give you the play by play on how to put together the Dayton Audio Subwoofer Kit!

Parts Express Super Glue, Accelerator, and De-bonder

Parts Express Super Glue, Accelerator, and De-bonder Video

Joe shows you how you can throw away that shelf full of glue for something stronger!

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