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Power Cable Calculator

Total System Amperage DrawUp To 4 ft.Up To 7 ft.Up To 10 ft.Up To 13 ft.Up To 16 ft.Up To 19 ft.Up To 22 ft.Up To 28 ft.
0-20A14 ga.12 ga.12 ga.10 ga.10 ga.8 ga.8 ga.8 ga.
20-35A12 ga.10 ga.8 ga.8 ga.6 ga.6 ga.6 ga.4 ga.
35-50A10 ga.8 ga.8 ga.6 ga.4 ga.4 ga.4 ga.4 ga.
50-65A8 ga.8 ga.6 ga.4 ga.4 ga.4 ga.4 ga.2 ga.
65-85A6 ga.6 ga.4 ga.4 ga.2 ga.2 ga.2 ga.0 ga.
85-105A6 ga.6 ga.4 ga.2 ga.2 ga.2 ga.2 ga.0 ga.
105-125A4 ga.4 ga.4 ga.2 ga.0 ga.0 ga.0 ga.0 ga.
125-150A2 ga.2 ga.2 ga.0 ga.0 ga.0 ga.0 ga.00 ga.

The above chart shows wire gauges to be used, if no less than .5 volt drop is accepted. If aluminum wire or tinned wire is used, the gauges should be of an even larger size to compensate. Cable gauge size calculation takes into account terminal resistance. Wire gauge recommendations based on IASCA guidlines
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