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Tactile Transducer Project: The Music Box

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The Music Box

I had been wanting, for a while, to build a portable stereo that would be both battery powered and could be plugged into the wall. Those were my only goals I had set for myself and anything else I would have come up with would've just been 'gravy'.

The Music Box

Designer: lawler3000

Project Timeless than 1 hour
Project Complexityhobbyist
Project Costunder $100


I wanted something simple and relatively tough so that I could tote it places (work, camping, etc.) and have music. I had hit a dead end in my plans for this stereo project until I ran across the full range tactile transducers that PE carries. That's when the gears started turning. I looked around my room for a little inspiration as to what I could attach them to to fit my needs. I noticed a small plastic storage box that I was using and thought that'll just fine for this little experimental project. Early on in the design process I had settled on the Dayton DTA-1 amp to power the box and the pair of frog transducers. I attached the transducers to the underside of the lid of the box, centered, and about three inches apart from each other. I also put some gasket tape around the rim of the lid to prevent it from rattling against the box. The sound quality is surprising! Hard plastic makes for a good sound-board, and when the lid is closed the box acts as a resonance chamber. It's an all-in-one package that holds the amp, wall cable, a small CD case, CD player, iPod, and extra batteries and can play music at the same time!

Project Parts List

Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class T Digital AC/DC Amplifier 15 WPC

HiWave HIAX25C10-8/SP 25mm High Power 8 Ohm Frog Exciter

Maxi-Cure Super Glue Gel 1 oz.

Super Glue Debonder 1 oz.


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