Speaker Project: Midnight Monoliths

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Midnight Monoliths

Clean looking, and even cleaner sounding. The Midnights Monoliths were designed to produce wide dispersion of clear, crisp sound with Deep Bass.

Midnight Monoliths

Designer: Strandt

Project Time1-8 hours
Project Complexityhobbyist
Project Cost$100-$500

Driver Selection

Mid and Bass drivers are 4" with a range of 70hz to 6khz. I used a Pezio tweeter with a 47ohm resistor, with a range of 3khz to 25k hz to finish it off.

Enclosure Design

The enclosure is made out of MDF. IT is a very, tightly made box to minimized reverb, with no internal dampening material.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration

the tweeter I crossed over at 3.5khz. The bottom woofer is using a low pass crossover at 500hz, and the mid has no crossover.

Enclosure Assembly

I used a nail gun to assemble this enclosure, with a very thick primer over it, then 4 layers of an oil based high gloss black paint


These speakers are surprisingly clear. Great High's, Outstandingly accurate lows. I was planning on using them with a Subwoofer, but it is really not necessary.

About The Designer

Dan Strandt has been selling home audio and designing home theater systems for over 5 years. Unhappy with the quality and/or price of speakers avalible in retail stores, he began building his own. Eventually Dan wants to make a career of custom speaker design.

Project Parts List

Peerless India W5-KA538A-SH 5.25" Shielded Woofer 4 Ohm

Goldwood GT-1005 Wide Dispersion Piezo Tweeter

800 Hz Low Pass 8 Ohm Crossover

Bass Stopper 2.8 kHz/1.4 kHz

20 Ohm 20W Resistor Wire Wound

Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amp w/Power Supp


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