Speaker Project: Deep Bass In A 2-Way With Decoupage

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Deep Bass In A 2-Way With Decoupage

Affordable, great-sounding speakers in a reasonably compact box. Deep bass extension, solid mid-range, tight and accurate high-end. HiVi F8 woofers give these speakers a great thump even without a subwoofer, while still having a detailed and clean mid-range. Morel tweeters keep the high-end tight. Both drivers have great off-axis performance for a large "sweet spot" for listening. Decoupage finish gives the boxes visual appeal.

Deep bass in a 2-way with Decoupage

Designer: WavingPine

Project Time20+ hours
Project Complexityamateur
Project Cost$100-$500

Driver Selection

The HiVi F8 had good reviews, could get down to an F3 of 35 in a relatively compact vented box, and is rated for a crossover at 2,000, with an SPL of 89 below 2,000 Hz. The rest of the specs really worked well also, including off-axis frequency projection. The choice of a Morel tweeter came from listening to some 3-way speakers that my younger brother had made. He used Morel tweeters and they just sounded so clean and precise that I wanted to use them in my project also. I'm very happy with both drivers, especially the large listening sweet-spot compared with many high-end speakers.

Enclosure Design

I used an online enclosure calculator to finalize the volumes and vent length. The only design problem that I ran into was that the vent needed to be longer than I had planned for the depth of the box. I either had to make the box much deeper or use a vent that opened to the top or bottom of the box. As you can see from the design, I decided to have it open to the bottom, with a pocket built into the speaker box to accommodate the vent.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration

I used the Dayton XO2W-2K 2-way Crossover (Part #260-140) and I'm happy with this choice. Here'a the parts list that I used for this project. Your Shopping Cart Item Qty. Ordered Qty. Shipped Price Total DAYTON XO2W-2K 2-WAY CROSSOVER 2,000 Hz Part Number: 260-140 2 2 $19.00 $38.00 GOLD HIGH POWER TERMINAL ROUND Part Number: 260-311 2 2 $2.90 $5.80 GRILLE CLOTH YD BLACK 70" WIDE Part Number: 260-335 1 1 $6.90 $6.90 MOREL MDT-29 1-1/8" SOFT DOME TWEETER Part Number: 277-010 2 2 $47.10 $94.20 HI-VI F8 8" BASS/MIDRANGE Part Number: 297-445 2 2 $52.00 $104.00 SMALL GRILL GUIDES 12 PAIR Part Number: 260-368 1 1 $1.95 $1.95 PRECISION PORT 3" FLARED PORT TUBE KIT Part Number: 268-350 2 2 $13.30 $26.60 SONIC BARRIER 1/2" ACOUSTIC FOAM w/PSA 18" x 24" Part Number: 260-520 2 2 $6.87 $13.74

Enclosure Assembly

See the pictures for a detailed view. The enclosure material was .75 inch MDF and I used pine pieces to strengthen the joints. This turned out to be a little time consuming as an approach, and I might handle the joints differently if I redesigned this box. To finish the box I primed with white primer, glued printed fabric to the sides, painted the front and back with black latex, then finished with four coats of water-based polyurethane (brushed on). To highlight the yellow color of the F8, I used yellow-plated #6 screws to secure the F8 (available form McFeely's Square Drive). The MDT-29’s are secured with black-anodized truss-head screws.


The result is attractive and the sound is a big improvement over my previous speakers, which were Creative Soundworks M60’s. The speakers are installed in a 1,000 sq. ft. multipurpose room and music is well-balanced and accurate throughout the space. I used these originally as stereo speakers but now have them as the L&R mains in a 7.1 channel system. As stereo speakers they were a little over-driven to fill 1,000 sq. ft. As part of a 7.1 system they are plenty loud enough to fill the room. If you have similar design objectives, you might like to use this design.

About The Designer

I enjoy all kinds of DIY projects.

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