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Home Subwoofer Project: Red Wing Crock Subwoofer

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Red Wing Crock Sub

I wanted to build a sub to complete my home theater project and I had a limited budget and was new to subs. I have done a few car subs before but this was my first attempt at something at a home powered subwoofer. I was looking to use a 12" and I wanted it to be about 100W. I looked into making a stealth box for behind the couch or a standard cube. After discussing with the family, they recommended using a old family crock we have since it was solid and right now just taking up space. So after a few quick measurements I decided that would be the way to do it!

Red Wing Crock Sub

Designer: Jinonyx

Project Time1-8 hours
Project Complexitynovice
Project Cost$100-$500

Driver Selection

Dayton Audio SD315A-88 12" DVC Subwoofer- SD315A-88 I found this one and it seemed to fit all of my requirements and worked well in a sealed box with 2.5cuft. I wanted a 12" because it fit the opening of the crock and makes good amount of base with just a single driver. It is also has a dual voice coil providing a 4ohm load which worked well with the Dayton Audio SA100.

Enclosure Design

It is built into a red wing crock that we had sitting around. I cut a 21" circle lid out of 3/4" mdf and drilled a 12" hole in the middle to fit the woofer. The under side has two rings that are 17" od and 12"id to cut out of 1/2" plywood that are glued to the mdf lid that self centers the lid to the crock. Since the crock isn't perfectly round I used 1/4" foam gasket around inner lip of the crock and wedged the lid into it to make a tight seal. I placed a second 21" mdf disc over the first to make a cover to protect the face of the woofer. I still need to stain and varnish the wood to get it to match the rest of the speakers.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration

Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier- SA100 I chose this because it supplied enough power as well as being within my budget with the 60$ woofer. I was going to make a sealed box and mount the amp onto it but with the crock I don't have anywhere to mount it so I have it sitting next to the subwoofer.


Its a fun subwoofer that is a easy beginner project with decent base. I think a larger enclosure or ports might be necessary if I were to redo this build. It was made out of scrap wood I had from the 5 channel speakers I made for surround sound so it was a very cheap project costing only 150$ for the amp and sub.

Project Parts List

Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Amplifier

Dayton Audio SD315A-88 12" DVC Subwoofer


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