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Dayton Audio SPA250, infinity 1260w sub

I built a subwoofer using a Dayton Audio SPA250 amp and a infinity 1260w 12" car subwoofer in a sealed 1.25 cubic foot enclosure. the enclosure is made of 3/4" pa6g plastic with a maple butcher block top. I am using this sub with a pair of golden ear aon 3's I wanted to use the plastic as the enclosure because of its high density and weight. It comes in at over 60lbs and is solid as a rock. The room size is 17'x24'x8' and fills the room nicely with deep clean pounding bass The total cost of build came in at around $220

Dayton Audio SPA250, infinity 1260w sub

Designer: blorb

Project Time1-8 hours
Project Complexitynovice
Project Cost$100-$500

Driver Selection

1 infinity 1260w 12" car subwoofer

Enclosure Design

1.25 cubic foot sealed enclosure. the size of enclosure was taken from infinity web site (technical data) the material is pa6g sheet plastic machined on cnc milling machine.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration

Dayton Audio SPA250 crossover set at 80 hz

Enclosure Assembly

The enclosure was assembled with high strength adhesive and screws. buther block top added to top of sealed enclosure. finished with high gloss black enamel.


This sub build has exceeded my expectations. this replaces a bic ventura 120 watt 10" sub which was fine but did not match the quality of the golden ear aons. It is very clean with no boomy overtones.I do not have any measurements on this build but is the best sub I have ever heard. The idea was to make it blend in with our decor and look like a end table.

About The Designer

This my first build

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