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Home Audio Project: 15" 12" Tower System Using Surplus Wild Woofers

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15" 12" Tower System using surplus Wild Woofers

This project was made as a fun system a few years ago for my son. Each system uses both a previously used and rebuilt 15" and 12" CTS Wild Woofer, along with 4 each midrange drivers and tweeters that I purchased over the years.

15" 12" Tower System using surplus Wild Woofers

Designer: jim22747

Project Time20+ hours
Project Complexityprofessional
Project Cost$100-$500


All the Woofers were removed from custom systems that I had built for others many years ago when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. The foam surrounds on the woofers had turned to goo after a few years and the speakers needed to be replaced. I didn't have the heart to throw these out, so I put them back in the boxes and into storage. One day a few years later, I received a catalog from one of my suppliers that advertised replacement surrounds and I purchased several sets of 12" and 15" surrounds at very low cost. I believe they were around $2-$3 each. I used these surrounds to rebuild these and other woofers. These systems use the 15" Wild Woofer as a Sub-Woofer in a separate chamber at the bottom of the enclosure with a crossover frequency of 125 Hz. This required a 10 mH choke that I hand-wound on Ferrite Rods salvaged from a couple of AM radio antennas! I used an LCR meter from my shop to accurately wind them. The enclosures are 48" high X 18" wide X 16" deep. As with all my designs, the midranges are all in separate chambers. Midranges and tweeters are wired in series-parallel sets of 4 to keep the impedance at 8 ohms and provide the proper power handling capacity. Enclosures are of 3/4" Oak-veneer plywood with lots of 1-1/2 x 1-1/2" fir stiffeners inside to reduce cabinet resonance. Cross overs are custom made and these systems have mid and high range level controls, with gaskets everywhere.

About The Designer

I have been building speaker systems since I was 15. My back ground is Communications Electronic Tech in the U.S. Navy in the mid 1960's, CNC Tech , Maintenance Technical Supervisor and Maintenance Manager for Fortune 500 companies , and Process Development Engineer using Autodesk Inventor for the last 10 years before retiring.

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