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Home Audio Project: Tri-Amped Book Shelf

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Tri-Amped Book Shelf

I wanted to build a budget tri-amped system that I might be able to upgrade later to audiophile levels... this is the first version... id like to go tubeand better drivers and enclosure but "gotta start somewhere" Knock-Down MDF 0.56 ft³ Bookshelf Cabinet Goldwood GW-8028 8" Butyl Surround Woofer 8 Ohm Goldwood GM-85/8 5" Heavy Duty Sealed Back Midrange 8 Ohm Goldwood GT-510 1" Soft Dome Tweeter 6x100W TDA7498 Class-D Amplifier Board dbx 234 Stereo 2/3-Way / Mono 4-Way Crossover dbx 215s Dual 15-Band Graphic Equalizer overall I am childishly giddy... sounds great... sounds better than my bi-tube powered Klispches... they got me back into a hobby I truly love my next project is going to be completely silly

tri-amped book shelf

Designer: more channels the better

Project Time8-20 hours
Project Complexityhobbyist
Project Cost 

About The Designer

I'm a silly guy... building silly stuff... normally rough, cheap and unfinished... function over aesthetic... played acoustic instruments, worked as a electrical technician/engineer...

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