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Home Audio Project: Portable Boom Box

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Portable Boom Box

I wanted a portable music box to take out on the patio or out to a picnic. For music sources I used the parts express MP3 module, Bluetooth module and a 3.5 mm input jack on the back. It has a 7 amp hour battery inside so it should have a decent playing time before needing recharging. It also uses a 12 power supply when a receptacle is available. I will recharge it with my motorcycle battery tender. The box is made from 3/4" MDF and the finished product weighs 17.5 pounds, definitely not a light wt! 5 lbs of that is the battery.

Portable Boom Box

Designer: John Talbert

Project Time20+ hours
Project Complexitynovice
Project Cost$100-$500

About The Designer

Retired Air Force Loadmaster, presently a LPN in Tennessee. First project was the B652 portable speakers, but I wanted to make my own box for my next project. I wanted to use a nice hardwood, but decided I should use the cheaper MDF for my first couple of projects.

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