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Home Audio Project: Boombox on Roids

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Are you tired the junky sounding, overly priced iPod/iPhone docking stations? Well I sure am! That is why I decided to create something that provides exceptional sound quality, AND, can achieve a high SPL for under $300. Yeah, I suppose you could spend $600 on the B&W docking station, but who has money these days? This docking station has 2 separate volume controls. One controls the front speakers which is intended for SQ. The second volume control is for the side PA speakers which is for outdoor use, parties, or if you want your neighbors to complain. I used the Sure 4x100 watt amp and Sure 24 VDC 14.6A 350W power supply. The front stage is a set of Cadence CVL-5K 5 1/4" components. The side stage is (2) Dayton 6" PA drivers and (2) Goldwood GT-1005 Piezo Tweeters with 10watt resistors. The docking station has a remote and chargers the iPod. The sound will impress most with an educated ear.


Designer: Grenadineflaps

Project Time20+ hours
Project Complexityamateur
Project Cost$100-$500

About The Designer

Been tinkering with audio/speakers from the age of 12. I finally have the time, money, and knowledge to start building. I am all about customizing and making audio/video concepts come to life. I am a full-time student going to school to eventually do Clinical Therapy.

Project Parts List

Goldwood GT-1005 Wide Dispersion Piezo Tweeter

Dayton Audio PA165-8 6" PA Driver Speaker

4x100W @ 4 Ohm TK2050 Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier Board

24 VDC 14.6A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply

Penn-Elcom 0394BK Black Rubber Strap Handle 7" x 1"

Port Tube 1-3/4" ID x 4" L


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