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KRK VXT8 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor 180W Bi-Amp Each

Brand:|Model: VXT8|Part # 246-456

The new VXT8 active studio monitor by KRK draws upon the design characteristics of their Expose E8B speaker. Has 90 watts output power with a 8" woven Kevlar woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter.
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Part # 246-456
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) foam enclosure is a high density / low resonance material giving improved structural integrity and rigidity resulting in an extended low-end response
  • Non-parallel ports facilitates the smooth passage of air molecules which reduces port turbulence at high signal pressure levels and front firing avoids wall/corner coupling
  • Eliminating diffraction and phase distortion results in improved imaging characteristics as well as a wider sweet spot at the monitoring position
  • The domed tweeter is comprised of true silk for fast transient response also reduces ear fatigue and the tweeter waveguide geometry ensures HF directivity
  • The inter-molecular hydrogen bonds of Kevlar give the cone high tensile strength for its light weight
  • The aluminum pole and vented formers remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression ensuring audio performance is consistent and does not deteriorate over time
  • Adjustment of the LF response is provided to allow compensation for room response and desktop positioning

Product Details

KRK VXT8 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor 180W Bi-Amp Each

    With a visually striking enclosure design that is equally functional the VXT8 has improved structural integrity and extended low-end, provides low resonance, has slotted ports for reduced port turbulence, plus a sleek curvature that provides excellent imaging characteristics and a widersweet spot the VXT monitors achieve a new level of precision.

    The domed tweeter (comprised of true silk for fast transient response) and the new woofer design (with its stiffer, lighter cone that provides low distortion and extended low-end) both have vented formers to remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression, enabling these monitors to maintain their sonic signature. With uncompromising attention to detail that includes tamper resistant switch covers, integrated Omni Mount support and more, the VXT Series is an outstanding choice for a broad range of monitoring applications.

    The VXT uses high-tech ABS structural foam in its cabinet. This material is very rugged and extremely impact resistant, and makes it possible for KRK engineers to create a speaker with no internal parallel walls, thereby preventing sound-coloring internal nodes. This material also has far better damping characteristics than traditional speaker materials which eliminates coloration caused by cabinet resonance.

    At KRK, our focus has always been to make the most accurate studio monitors available at any price. So when you use a VXT powered monitor, you can be confident that you get the most accurate reproduction of your mix. VXT's diffraction-limiting curved surfaces, silk-domed tweeter, seamless crossover, and KRK's trademark yellow Kevlar woofer bring superior audio imaging, outstanding transient response, and amazing detail. For over 20 years, KRK has mastered the art of recording monitors, and the VXT is the culmination of this art. Listen for yourself, and believe!

    Radical curves for better imaging
    The molded shape of the VXT allows for radically curved surfaces that sound better. Traditional rectangular speakers suffer from diffraction as sounds leaving the edge of the cabinet are reflected back into the sound field causing phase distortion. The VXT virtually eliminates diffraction and delivers excellent imaging characteristics and a much wider sweet spot. There are no discontinuous elements to create diffraction.

    Ports Where They Belong
    Take a look at competitive monitors and you'll find ports on the back of the cabinet. These rear-firing ports tend to create bass coupling with walls and corners amplifying low frequency information which will color your mix. The superior design of the KRK VXT include front-firing ports, which are just the right shape to reduce port turbulence. You'll appreciate the clean and accurate bass performance this approach delivers, even at high SPLs.

    Revolutionary materials, Revolutionary Sound
    The new, stiffer, lighter woofer cone has an extruded aluminum pole piece and vented formers. This improves transient response, reduces distortion and extends low-frequency response due to this lighter, stiffer cone. The aluminum pole piece and venter formers eliminate overheating which improves performance.

    Catch A Wave, For a 3D Mix
    KRK's recessed silk-domed tweeters provide amazing high-end detail. The careful design of dome and waveguide geometry coupled to the curved front baffle are optimized for on and off-axis linearity resulting in excellent imaging and a wider sweet spot.

    Specifications: • Configuration: 2-way • System type: Active studio monitor • Low-frequency: 8" woven Kevlar woofer • Mid-frequency: N/A • High-frequency: 1" silk dome tweeter • Frequency response: 37 Hz - 22 kHz (±3 dB) • Max peak SPL: 114 dB • Amplifier class: Class A-B • Power output: 180 watts • High frequency: 60 watts • Mid frequency: N/A • Low frequency: 120 watts • Input impedance: 10K ohms balanced • HF level adjust: +1 dB shelf/flat/-1 dB shelf • LF level adjust: Whole, half, quarter • Indicators: Power, clip, limit • Dimensions: 17.06" H x 12.51" W x 11.66" D (433 x 318 x 296 mm) • Weight: 41 lbs. (16.5 kg).

    Product Specifications
    • Speaker TypeActive / Powered
    • Speaker Configuration2-Way
    • Woofer Size8"
    KRK VXT8 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor 180W Bi-Amp Each
    • BrandKRK Systems
    • ModelVXT8
    • Part Number246-456
    • UPC816654000835
    • Product CategoryStudio Monitors
    • Unit of MeasureEA
    • Weight40 lbs.
    • California Prop 65

      Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    KRK VXT8 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitor 180W Bi-Amp Each

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