Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil

Brand:| Model: UM12-22
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Dayton Audio's Ultimax Series DVC subwoofers are purpose-built to move air and create clean, articulate, fast bass. Experience the apex of subwoofer design.
  • Thick, one-piece Nomex honeycomb covered cone with woven heavy-duty glass-fiber
  • Tall-boy rubber surround for extra-long linear excursion without reducing cone surface area
  • 600 watts RMS power handling
  • Copper shorting rings and cap reduce distortion due to inductance variations
  • Dual 2 ohm, 2-layer copper voice coils
  • Large vented pole piece and under-spider venting
  • Black anodized aluminum former and black pole improves heat dissipation
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Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil

The Ultimax Series of dual voice coil subwoofers, from Dayton Audio, are not for the faint of heart. Built using the latest in subwoofer technology, Ultimax subwoofers are the pinnacle of low frequency driver design. An Ultimax subwoofer tests the strength of your foundation with fast, articulate, gut-wrenching bass. 

Dual 2 ohm voice coils allow for stereo 2 ohm and mono 1 ohm wiring configurations when connecting to high current car audio and professional audio amplifiers to extract maximum power. For home audio applications, simply wire the voice coils in series for a benign 4 ohm load for greater amplifier compatibility.

To improve power handling, increase thermal management, and reduce power compression, Dayton Audio designed the Ultimax Series with large black anodized formers and vented pole pieces, under-spider ventilation, and two-layer copper voice coils.

Over 1-1/2" of travel (3/4" Xmax) is kept completely linear through the use of dual spiders that also limit distortion and rocking modes. "Tall-boy" rubber surrounds with integrated gaskets maintain driver surface area during extreme excursion moments. Thick, one-piece Nomex honeycomb covered cones are covered with woven, heavy-duty glass fibers creating ultra-still cones that resist deformation.

A large copper sleeve and copper pole cap in the motor reduce energy storage from inductance, with the side benefit of lowering distortion for "faster" response. Large dual-stacked, high-energy magnets handle the heavy lifting and bring Qts down to a level where Ultimax subwoofers can be used in vented or sealed cabinets and enclosures.

A knock-down 2.0 cubic foot subwoofer cabinet built specifically for the Dayton Audio Ultimax 12" subwoofer is available here. Save 50% off the price of the cabinet when you buy the cabinet and UM12-22 subwoofer together in this package.

Cabinet recommendations: 
• Sealed 2.0 cubic ft. (net internal) with 1 lbs. of Acousta-Stuf polyfill, f3 of 36 Hz with a 0.707 Qtc alignment
• Vented 4.0 cubic ft. (net internal, not including driver or port volume) tuned to 20 Hz with a 10" wide by 1.5" high slot port that is 25" long, which yields an f3 of 19 Hz

Note: All parameters derived with voice coils wired in series.

Product Specifications
  • Nominal Diameter12"
  • Power Handling (RMS)600 Watts
  • Power Handling (max)1200 Watts
  • Impedance2+2 ohms
  • Frequency Response20 to 1,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity84 dB 1W/1m
  • Voice Coil Diameter2.5"
Thiele-Small Parameters
  • Resonant Frequency (Fs)24.9 Hz
  • DC Resistance (Re)3.3 ohms
  • Voice Coil Inductance (Le)1.22 mH
  • Mechanical Q (Qms)3.45
  • Electromagnetic Q (Qes)0.71
  • Total Q (Qts)0.59
  • Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)2.53 ft.³
  • Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)0.21 mm/N
  • BL Product (BL)11.8 Tm
  • Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)193.2g
  • Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)19 mm
  • Surface Area of Cone (Sd)490.9 cm²
Materials of Construction
  • Cone MaterialNomex / Glass Fiber
  • Surround MaterialRubber
  • Voice Coil Wire MaterialCopper
  • Voice Coil FormerAluminum
  • Basket / Frame MaterialCast Aluminum
  • Magnet MaterialFerrite
Mounting Information
  • Overall Outside Diameter12.38"
  • Baffle Cutout Diameter10.73"
  • Depth6.22"
  • Bolt Circle Diameter11.69"
  • # Mounting Holes8
Optimum Cabinet Size *
  • Sealed Volume2.8 ft.³
  • Sealed F334 Hz
  • Vented Volume5.58 ft.³
  • Vented F317 Hz
Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil
  • BrandDayton Audio
  • ModelUM12-22
  • Part Number295-512
  • UPC844632099250
  • Product CategorySubwoofer Drivers
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (11 Reviews)
  • Weight24.95 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil
Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil is rated 4.7273 out of 5 by 11.
Rated 3 out of 5 by from UnimpressedI bought this speaker because it was cheap when purchased with the enclosure kit, which I wanted to use with a B&C 12''. My 2 other subs are B&C 12'' and 18'' placed in custom enclosures. Those are impressive speakers. The Dayton Audio Ultimax is shamed when played next to B&C speakers. A good B&C 12'' could be had for about $150-250, and based on the sound quality difference, I would say that the Ultimax 12'' is not even worth the price.
Date published: 2014-03-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent Subwoofer DriverThe Dayton UM12-22 is a 12" dual 2 ohm voice coil subwoofer with geneous excursion capability and moderate sensitivity. The cast frame with rubber gasket, cone, rubber surround, spider and magnet appear to be of high quality. The Thiele Small parameters measure close to specification and were esentially identical for both drivers tested. Performance and power handling in a completely filled 2 cubic foot enclosure is impressive. The output is clean and it handled everthing the BASH 300 plate amplifier could dish out. Frequency response reaches to nearly 20Hz with typical room gain. All-in-all a fine 12" subwoofer.
Date published: 2014-01-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from first sub diy,,very happyI chose the 12" ultimax as my first diy sub design/build. I have it providing my low end with the 5 tri trix I have already built (3 sealed, 2 vented) I chose to build the slotted port 4.0 cubic feet net enclosure. I paired this sub with the BASH 500 amp placed in it's own box. I am very happy with the results so far. It is a very large box, but I love how "mean" it looks. i have cranked the system up and the sound is very clean and clear with zero distortion.
Date published: 2014-01-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from NiceI had some reservations about this driver being it has a small motor but pure morbid curiosity got the best of me. Built a 20.5" w x 22" w x 26"d ported and tuned to 22 hertz. Powered by an old PE 350 watt plate amp I had. Box is corner loaded in my room as this was purpose built for home theater. All I can say is nice. In my room it shakes the pictures on the walls and you can feel it through my concrete floors. If you need more than that, than I would move on. I am no carpenter but here are some pics. I know it looks like an SV$ but there is no port noise with the triple ports and gives me some options for tuning.
Date published: 2013-12-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Phenominal value in a bass driverIf you are looking for a bass driver for an all in one speaker, this one is a great choice. Being a 12" driver, you can set the crossover frequency high enough that it will unload whatever midrange you are using from excessive excursion requirements while still maintaining a reasonable radiation pattern. A 12" driver is essentially omnidirectional below around 300 Hz.In my application, I am crossing it over at 176 Hz using the Behringer DCX2496 with a L-R crossover at 24dB/octave to a 7" kevlar midrange. It blends very well with the midrange and has a ton of low bass and in a sealed box has good transient response.In this application, I am extremely satisfied. If I were going to build a separate subwoofer I would use the 15" version as it is almost the same price and the SD is 65% greater.If you are going to use this driver, have plenty of amplifier power because it can handle huge amounts. I am driving it with a Crown Studio Reference I that can put out over 1,100 watts/channel into 4 ohms. At around 80 Hz the amp will go into clipping before the driver complains. It is a real winner and I would recommend it highly
Date published: 2013-11-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very ImpressedFirst off I have to say the room this is in is roughly 25'x27' with 22' ceilings with sub corner loaded. Box is built to spec (4cf tuned to 20hz slot port front firing, 1" face 3/4" box with skeleton bracing) powered by SPA500. I would recommend the SPA1000 amp though because it likes power.Music wise as long as your mains can handle 50hz and up it blends and sounds incredible. If I planned to do more music with it I would tune slightly higher.HT use.....IT GOES DEEP!! In a room that is huge, I've tried countless subs in, and seen so many overrated specs this sub truly lives up to it's specs. No port noise, no weird weird dips in the frequency. Only complaint I have is I only have one right now so time to build another!Side note: I tried it in a 2cf sealed box and was just so-so. Sealed would probably work very well in a SUV/van or a small room
Date published: 2013-09-25

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Dayton Audio UM12-22 12" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil

q in 3 ft^3 sealed box sub 0.707 vs WinISD 0.81

Using the spec sheet, downloaded from here and Dayton website, in a 3 ft^3 sealed box I get a q of 0.81 with Win ISD, while you state 0.707, which is correct?
Asked by: Mike R P.E.
Using actual measured specs Bassbox gives me a total sealed volume of 1.94 cubic feet for a Qtc of .707 and an F3 of 37.5 Hz.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2014-03-08

Any changes to box ported recommendations for car audio use?

Asked by: loweew
For car audio I would stick with sealed. A vented box would still be large, all you could really do is raise the tuning frequency a bit but this will just cause a hump in the response. Put this thing in 2 cubes sealed and it will outperform most subs costing twice as much.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-11-24

Is this subwoofer suitable for a downfiring configuration?

Asked by: SubMan
Yes this will work in a downfiring configuration.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-01-14

How does this compare to Dayton's Reference 12" Hi Fidelity?

I'm looking to build a ported box and was planning on the 12" Dayton Audio Reference HF but I recently saw this. How does it compare?
Asked by: zinger084
Sonically I cannot say although they work in very similar enclosures. The Ultimax driver has higher excursion capability which means it will be better suited for HT use.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-08-20

Could this driver be used as an infinite baffle speaker???

Asked by: SpeakRman
I don't have one of these yet to do my own testing, but I do have a lot of experience with infinite baffle design and installation and based on the published specs (high qts and low Vas / stiff suspension) it should work great in an I.B. installation. Just don't use too much power, without an air spring to push against (just the driver's suspension) it will take less power to drive past X-max and to X-lim. This is a good thing, far more sensitivity below resonance and little or no EQ needed, 200 to 400 Watts per driver may be more than enough (one of those things I will have to test myself) .
Answered by: the Bass Mechanic
Date published: 2013-02-13

Stick to 2 cubic ft (sealed)? or will I get more output if the box is bigger? Using it in a car

Asked by: Mitchell S
You will get more output in most box volumes, it just depends on where you want that output to be. Larger enclosures will have more low end efficiency while a smaller enclosure will be a bit louder in the upper bass (50-80Hz). In a vehicle this woofer will shine in 2 cubic feet. There is no reason to go larger with the amount of cabin gain you will get.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-05-24


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