Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

Brand:| Model: SPA500
NEW updated design! The Dayton Audio SPA500 Subwoofer Amplifier delivers the efficiency of a Class-D design, without compromising audio quality and reliability.
  • High power Class-AB output stage for clean, controlled output
  • Patented tracking downconverter power supply for high efficiency
  • Toroidal power supply transformer
  • Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut to custom-tailor sound
  • Advanced soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers
  • OTC™ (Optimized Thermal Circuit) protects amplifier from potential heat damage
  • Hercules heat sinks dissipate and control heat for extreme reliability
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Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

NEW updated design! One of the most technologically advanced subwoofer amplifiers on the market today! The Dayton Audio SPA500 subwoofer amplifier is based on a state-of-the-art Class-G circuit topology that combines the proven high power, high fidelity characteristics of a Class-AB amplifier with a patented tracking down converter power supply to achieve an operating efficiency up to 86%. You get the efficiency of a Class-D amplifier without compromising audio quality and reliability. The Class-AB output stage provides the clean and low-distortion sound that audiophiles demand, without any of the instability problems that plague other high-efficiency amplifier designs.

This American-designed and engineered amplifier uses patented circuitry that continuously tracks the input signal to modulate or control the voltage available to the output stage. This "tracking" capability delivers the exact amount of power based on demand instead of constantly keeping it in reserve, so the output stage only draws the amount of power that is required at any given time. Less energy is wasted as heat, and more power is available for the subwoofer driver. With its enhanced thermal management, the SPA500 is an upgrade over previous models—making it a nearly bulletproof amplifier choice for today's demanding HT audio and music playback applications.

Specifications: • Rated power output: 273 watts into 8 ohms, 540 watts into 4 ohms with 0.92% THD (based on one-third power duty cycle) • S/N ratio: 98 dB (A-weighted) • Low-pass crossover: 30 - 200 Hz, 24 dB/octave • Input voltage: User switchable 115/230V (Euro cord available) • Dimensions: 11-15/16" W x 11-15/16" H x 5-1/4" D; Cutout dimensions: 10" W x 10" H.

Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
  • BrandDayton Audio
  • ModelSPA500
  • Part Number300-807
  • UPC844632015922
  • Product CategorySubwoofer Plate Amplifiers
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (32 Reviews)
  • Weight20 lbs.
  • Case Qty2
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier is rated 4.2812 out of 5 by 32.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great performance, excellent price.I am running this in a custom enclosure with a 500W DVC subwoofer, and it more than handles the sound to fill my entertainment room. Well worth the price.
Date published: 2014-04-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from So far so good!So far this product is what I expected. Has a lot of features and has performed solidly so far with the PE Reference 10" in the new PE 1.0 ft^3 enclosure. Just enough power for that application. Had to do a lot of alterations to the sub box to get it to fit but my woodworking skills are up to that challenge. Have another smaller PE amp that developed problems after a couple years but unfortuneatley I think this is the case with most these Chinese sourced amps for bargain prices. Just hope this one lives a little longer. :)
Date published: 2014-01-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Solid Amp for the PriceI used this amp to power a Dayton Audio Ultimax 10in in a ~1 ft^3 sealed enclosure.My primary motivation in selecting this amp over the BASH 500W was the parametric EQ. Based on my simulations, without any equalization, this system would have an F3 of ~44Hz. Use of the parametric EQ does make a notable improvement to the system's bass extension. I have not taken measurements but my ear estimates the new F3 is in the mid to low thirties.Another reason I picked this amp over the BASH was that it looked like it would make a tighter seal. The BASH looks like a big PCB screwed into a plate; the components of this amp are fully encapsulated. In reality, it may ultimately be just cosmetics but having the components enclosed seemed more robust to me. I found that this amp does make a solid seal.A complaint I have is that this amp is extremely sensitive to AC electrical noise. When I put it on a power conditioner, the noise did drop out completely. But, if you want to plug this amp directly into the wall and your AC power is not clean, you might hear it.Another complaint I have is that the low pass filter slope is steeper than I would prefer. I own a different sub that with a 6dB/octave slope and it is much easier to blend. With a slope of 24dB/octave, if the low pass filter frequency is not set just right, it becomes very apparent that a subwoofer is in play. I probably would have gone with 12dB/octave.
Date published: 2014-02-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Suggestion boxI am in the process of my subwoofer project that includes the SPA500 and an RSS315HF. I haven't turned it on yet. The one thing that has occupied my time the most is recessing the plate amp into the back of the cabinet. I consider myself a fairly accomplished woodworker, but creating a template to route the recess for the plate amp has been particularly time consuming. I would like to see PE provide a router template for their plate amps as an option to make this process go more smoothly. Here's an opportunity for someone with a CNC machine.
Date published: 2014-04-08
Rated 2 out of 5 by from DOAThis was a drop in replacement for my original SPA500 12" Titanic kit which mysteriously died when nobody was home, receiver was off. (Very similar death to the description of the current recall on some PE sub amps.. too similar for me to not think they are somehow correlated.)First replacement I got (along with Titanic mk4) would play for 30 seconds then stop. It would recognize the signal and go from standby to ON but no output.Got an RMA and the second one works, for now. Disappointed that QA didn't catch that one as it ended up being over two weeks between me paying for the product to me having a working amp.Also a bit concerned that they use cheap components/construction with the first one failing like it did and the second being DOA..Probably would go with another amp and just replace my enclosure if I could go back and do it again.
Date published: 2014-04-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from nice ampthis amp is powering 2 8ohm 10" perfectly. Parts Express did a great job getting me the amp
Date published: 2014-02-07

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Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

can this amp be modified to run off 12 volt - dc power?

i would like to build one into an automotive subwoofer box. is this possible? is it as simple as connecting 12v power, internally, past the ac supply/inverter?
Asked by: rap700r
Modifying it for 12V DC power would be very difficult and take a lot of time. Directly connecting the 12V supply either would not work at all, or would only allow the amp to output about 10W.Like most class-AB home amplifiers, this amp most likely runs off of a dual-polarity power supply (so, its power supply is probably feeding the amp something like +60V and -60V, considering what its power output capabilities are). Cars only have a single-polarity supply, and it's a relatively low voltage (+12V). This means you'd have to do 2 things to make this amp be able to run from a car's 12V supply line: 1. Boost the 12V supply to whatever voltage the amp uses (which is probably around +60V); 2. Create a negative supply line of the same voltage from this. Doing either of these is extremely difficult because it means designing and building a high-power switching power supply. This is an advanced topic of electronics engineering, and is very difficult to get it right for the extremely high powers that this amp would require.Even if this amp happens to run from a single-polarity power supply, you still have the problem of 12V being not nearly enough voltage. Based on the fact that this amp can deliver 500W into a 4 ohm load, if it was powered by a single-polarity supply, then the supply's voltage would have to be at least 126V DC, assuming it is not a bridged amp. If it is bridged, then the supply voltage would only have to be half: 63V DC. So this means you'd still have to build a switching power supply to boost the car's 12V line to around either 63V or 126V, which again would be very difficult, and also very dangerous because of the high voltage involved.It would be a lot easier to just buy a car amplifier that is meant to run off of 12V DC. All high-powered car amps have switching power supplies built into them to boost and invert the 12V DC line to whatever higher voltage is required for the amp to output its full power. Although there are some very low-quality car amps out there, there are also many that would sound just as good, or perhaps even better, than this Dayton amp.
Answered by: eboyer
Date published: 2012-06-06

Heat Sync

I see in the video of this product that it doesn't have heat syncs. But in the product picture it does. Which is correct?
Asked by: JimCan
The heat sinks are in front and they are small but for its output rating and modern curcitry it should be just fine for effincey Good luck with your project. Oh, and make sure there will be plenty of space for air movement.
Answered by: Booth man
Date published: 2013-07-10

Is the parametric EQ bypassed when using the LFE input - as the crossover circuit is bypassed? Or does the EQ still function when using the LFE input?

Asked by: mcsyber
It is my understandind that this input is for sub lows that have been processed and as such these features ate bypassed.
Answered by: Nitnub
Date published: 2014-01-03

What is the internal displacement of this amp? Thanks.

Asked by: DanK
Cutout is 10 x 10. Amp depth is 5 1/4". Therefore 525 cubic inches. However, deduct 10 x 10 x (thickness of your cabinet). So if 1" thick, deduct 100 cubic inches for a net of 425
Answered by: MarkAJH
Date published: 2013-09-05

It's Humming help?

After 1 year it's now humming, can I do something or is it time to replaces ?
Asked by: Cas123
The 60hz hum I believe your are referring to for me comes from my cable box somehow. The only fix that I have found is to use a ground loop isolator on the LFE output before it hits the amp...sub still hits all the notes but takes the hum out completely.
Answered by: Matt B
Date published: 2014-01-03

Does this amp suffer from the hum problems exhibited by the SA series amps?

I have several high power amps and sub's in my home, ranging from 240 to 1,000 watts, but only my sub's powered by Dayton SA240 amps have the hum problem. They always have to be plugged into the same outlet as the preamp feeding them. I do not want to spend a lot of money on a pair of these only to discover the same issue.
Asked by: twiggus
I can't claim that my house is wired like yours, but my sub is dead quiet (except when I don't want it to be ;) .
Answered by: AlonzoTG
Date published: 2012-06-23

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