Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm

Brand:| Model: RSS315HFA-8
Dayton Audio's Reference Series RSS315HFA-8 12" subwoofer utilizes the same low-distortion design as the rest of the series, but provides an 8 ohm alternative for increased connection and impedance-loading options.
  • Extensively vented motor eliminates power compression and allows quiet excursion
  • Lighter-weight black anodized aluminum cone minimizes moving mass
  • 2-layer coil for reduced back EMF
  • Triple shorting-ring motor for ultra-low distortion
  • Optimized for large enclosures
  • Highest quality materials throughout for long-lasting performance
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Product Details

Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm

The Dayton Audio Reference Series subwoofers take the quality and performance of the much acclaimed RS line into the subwoofer realm. As with the rest of the Reference Series, the main focus of the RSS315HFA-8 12" driver is ultra-low-distortion. Second, third, and intermodulation distortion are kept extremely low by utilizing three magnetic short-circuit paths within the motor structure. A durable aramid fiber spider and extensive venting throughout provide quiet and uniform excursion. The black anodized cone, rubber surround, and custom basket give this driver a unique, high-end look. Choose this High Fidelity (HF) version for home speaker systems when your priority is clean, low bass and you are not restricted by cabinet size.

Product Specifications
  • Nominal Diameter12"
  • Power Handling (RMS)350 Watts
  • Power Handling (max)700 Watts
  • Impedance8 ohms
  • Frequency Response25 to 1,500 Hz
  • Sensitivity84.5 dB 1W/1m
  • Voice Coil Diameter2.5"
Thiele-Small Parameters
  • Resonant Frequency (Fs)25 Hz
  • DC Resistance (Re)6.45 ohms
  • Voice Coil Inductance (Le)1.6 mH
  • Mechanical Q (Qms)2.94
  • Electromagnetic Q (Qes)0.64
  • Total Q (Qts)0.53
  • Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)2.67 ft.³
  • Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)0.21 mm/N
  • BL Product (BL)17.5 Tm
  • Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)195.2g
  • Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)14 mm
  • Surface Area of Cone (Sd)506.7 cm²
Materials of Construction
  • Cone MaterialAluminum
  • Surround MaterialRubber
  • Voice Coil Wire MaterialCopper
  • Voice Coil FormerAluminum
  • Basket / Frame MaterialSteel
  • Magnet MaterialFerrite
Mounting Information
  • Overall Outside Diameter12.36"
  • Baffle Cutout Diameter11.1"
  • Depth5.75"
  • # Mounting Holes8
Optimum Cabinet Size (determined using BassBox 6 Pro High Fidelity suggestion)
  • Sealed Volume1.54 ft.³
  • Sealed F340 Hz
  • Vented Volume4.63 ft.³
  • Vented F320 Hz
Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm
  • BrandDayton Audio
  • ModelRSS315HFA-8
  • Part Number295-445
  • UPC844632088681
  • Product CategorySubwoofer Drivers
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (4 Reviews)
  • Weight24.5 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm
Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 4.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from bad a** and wow!I used it in my surefire/bob carver box and it sounds awesome! the stuff rattles off my walls. It may be better than the original.
Date published: 2014-06-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great SoundI matched this driver to the Dayton 2cu ft cabinet, and what a great combination. I am using only one channel (125W rms) of a backup amp while my dedicated sub-amp is being rebuilt, but wow even with only 125w pushing it the bass is nice and low and even (not thuddy) at medium volume levels.I am choosing not to port the cabinet for now since the bass is so tight and smooth. There is some drop off at very low freq but I was expecting that with this setup and no port.Music sounds rich and full and this is what I bought this unit for (paired with Mordaunt-Short satellites). Movies also sound great although I can't get the really intense bass yet as 125W is not enough to shake the house.Overall excellent bass driver.
Date published: 2011-11-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from excellent sub for 8 ohm applicationsI am using two of these in seperate cabinets due to the odd shape of the room I am using them in. I am using these with a SA1000 Dayton outboard amp. These units perform very well together. The manual for the amp states not to go below 4 ohms so i chose these drivers. I originally used them in a 3 cubic foot sealed enclosure. I have since ported the cabinets (first one and then the other). They seemed to work well in both applications. I use them for movies, but mostly for music. I am very pleased with the overall performance. As you can imagine, I do not lack any bass response.
Date published: 2011-04-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from great soundi matched this speaker with the dayton 240w b amp and it sounds really great...at first i was thinking i should have went with a more powerful amp but i tried the 2 together in a 2.5 ft sealed mdf box and the bass is punchy and low even at low volume, i am very pleased on the sound quality and the wall shaking capabilities of it all...i gave the value a good just because i'd wished i could of got it on sale, still a great sub speaker...
Date published: 2011-03-28

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Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 8 Ohm

This says optimized for large enclosures, I have a large ~10.5 cu.ft. 2x12 ported box which I am looking to upgrade. This sims well, but the HO-44 (295-467) goes a little flatter/lower (f3~15Hz). Am I missing something, or suggestions for my box?

Asked by: JoeKewl
The best option for that volume is the RSS315HFA-8. The HO-44 will lack output and sensitivity in such a large enclosure while the HFA-8 will handle full power and have 3 dB more output per watt overall.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2014-04-30

Mounting Information in cm?send to ireland?

Asked by: nauris
The dimensions as listed in the spec sheet are in mm. You can see this below. We do ship to Ireland.http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/295-445-dayton-audio-rss315hfa-8-specifications-47083.pdf
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-12-13

Is this considered a long throw?

Asked by: mikeado
The term "long throw" simply means high excursion and this would be classified as a high excursion driver.
Answered by: MattP
Date published: 2013-10-31

Clarifying the formula for downward firing subwoofers.

The formula for the calculations is: Percentage of Sag = 24,849 / ( Xmax * Fs²). However, according to the explanation of sag, two variables (Vas and Sd) are missing from the formula. It says: "You will need the Fs, Vas, Sd (surface area of the cone), and the Xmax to determine the relative long term usefulness of up or down-firing any woofer." If Vas and Sd are needed to determine sag, why aren't they included in the formula?
Asked by: trackfan
To find sag you will need to find your Cms then Mms and then Sag.Cms = Vas / (1180 * c^2 * (Sd/10000)^2)Where:c = speed of sound (m/s). Generally 343m/sSd = effective surface arean in square cm (cm^2)Cms (m/N)Mms = 1 / ((2*pi*Fs)^2 * Cms)Where:pi = 3.14159Fs = resonant frequency (Hz)Mms (kg)Sag = Cms * Mms * gWhere:g = accerlation of gravity 9.81m/s^2You sag should not be more than 5% of your XmaxPercent of Sag = (Sag/Xmax) * 100I believe Vas, Sd, and Xmax where all used. However if you look at the spec sheet Cms and Mms are already given (0.21 mm/N and 195.2 g respectively).So Sag = 0.00021*0.1952*9.81 = 0.000402 meters (0.402mm)%Sag = (0.402/14.3)*100 = 2.81% = GTG [Good To Go]!Best of luck and I hope this helps.
Answered by: JDoyner
Date published: 2013-05-28

How would two RSS315HFA-8 subwoofers work in a sealed 121 liter cabinet?

I have a subwoofer cabinet that I've had for years which I never used due to a change in plans. The cabinet is very sturdily constructed - 1.5-inch walls and 2-inch baffle, has an internal volume of 4.27 cubic-foot and doesn't have any openings cut in it. I've decided to use this cabinet to build the best subwoofer possible for primarily listening to music - mostly jazz and classical and watching some movies, with the only stipulation being that I'm limited to using 12-inch drivers due to the placement of the internal bracing. I've been told that two RSS315HFA-8 subwoofers in a seal alignment would work for this cabinet. However, I noticed that this is the same two drivers that are used in the Dayton Audio RS1202K subwoofer kit, which comes with a 2.1 cubic-foot sealed enclosure - about half the volume of the enclosure that I'm using. Furthermore, WinISD calculated a volume of 194 liters for this design. What am I missing? Does the opposed-firing design of the RS1202K make this smaller volume possible?Also, since I don't want to use a plate amp, what would be a good amp for this subwoofer application? Would a pro amp like one of the Crowns or Behringers be suitable and do any of the pro amps have built-in crossovers? Or should I use a home amp like the Dayton Audio SA1000 for this subwoofer?
Asked by: trackfan
The box you have will work very well with two of these in parallel. You would have an f3 of 32 Hz, and an f10 of 20 Hz. Very nice.As far as WinISD suggesting 194 liters, the difference between your box and one of that volume is pretty much non-existent. With sealed boxes you have a great deal of flexibility in volume. The performance difference between the ideal sealed box, and a box of half that volume is often small. Where as a bass reflex enclosure needs to be a certain volume to control what frequency resonances occur at, sealed enclosures place no such demands on the designer.An outboard amp is fine for this, and it helps maintain your enclosure's integrity. The SA1000 is a great choice for this application. Many pro amps include very usable built in crossovers for subwoofers. However, they often do not have phase controls, subsonic filtering, or other niceties you find on dedicated sub amps. I personally would not hesitate to use a pro amplifier for a sub, but I just wanted you to be aware of the limitations. The Crown XLS 1000 would be a good option, in my mind.
Answered by: Travis Rysdam
Date published: 2013-05-27

Forced Cancellation Enclosure ?

What size encosure would I need? Using the SA1000. Any help is appreciated.
Asked by: Mr.Antz
Search WOOFER SELECTION GUIDE and look for your part number. It will tell you the cubic volume for a sealed box - about 1.5 cubic feet for a - 3db of 40hz. The total Qts is .53. So in an actual living toom - you'll have pretty flat bass down to about 35hz and and it will be critically tight with a Qts of .53. However, .53 has a bit of a rolloff often preferred by audiophiles. For try flat bass and more bass - you want to calculate with .707 To do that - search for a box calculator and plug in the driver specs using .707 for the total Qts. Then you'll have the correct box volume. Don't forget to add space for bracing and the volume the drivers magnet and basket displaces.
Answered by: MarkAJH
Date published: 2013-04-19

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