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Parts Express has added new functionality allowing your visitors to post questions to specific products they are considering purchasing on our website.We hope that you, our faithful and knowledgeable community, will share your expertise and deliver great answers to fellow audio enthusiasts by following the links below and answering their questions. Questions will accept multiple answers for further clarification or you can post a comment on an existing answer.

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The following products have unanswered questions as of May 5, 2015.

8 Ohm 5W Resistor Wire Wound 5% Tolerance

Q: I need an 8ohm FA5 resistor with 10% tolerance thanks! I can't find one anywhere!


500K Audio Taper Potentiometer 1/4" Shaft

Q: This is a reverse taper ? I'm lefthanded


500K Audio Taper Potentiometer 1/4" Shaft

Q: can these pots be used for guitar tone pots?


Presensitized PC Board 3" x 4" Double Sided

Q: What do I etch with? Once I develop one, do I have to shield it from the light? Will it take solder?


DPDT Heavy Duty Toggle Switch Center Off

Q: can this (Model: 66-1806) be used to replace a R13-28KBT rated for 20A @ 12VDC?  if not which would you recommend.


Mercury Tilt Switch

Q: Just to clarify. This info for a project. Is there definitive info on what this switch is rated for in terms of AC volts/amps?


NTE 54-660 SPST On/Off Push-Button Canopy Switch

Q: Can this switch be used for a light in a hood over a cook top?  


NTE 54-668 DPDT Slide Switch 11mm Actuator Height

Q: Can this be used for an on- on- on switch?


Littelfuse 7A 3AG Fast Blow Fuse 5 Pcs.

Q: 3AG 7A 250V fuses (312 type). Slow blow or Fast blow ? Bryston 7B SST audio power amplifer. Thanks, Kevin.


Super Bright White 5mm LED 17000 mcd 10 Piece Kit with Voltage Dropping Resistors

Q: If I'm putting up to 27 of these on 1 circuit, how many amps total would they draw, and could I use just 1 voltage dropping resistor, or does each LED needs its own resistor?


Lavolta Adjustable Sound Activated Music Controller with Effects for LED Lighting Strips

Q: What is the distance the controller has to be to pick up music? Can power be extended so adapter can be a distance from controller unit. I plan on mounting the light outdoors under a soffit. 


Neutrik NCJ5FI-S Combo Connector XLR 1/4" Mono Jack Nonswitching

Q: I noticed switching and non switching.. what's the difference? what applications are common to switching and what Is common to non switching?


Belden Snap-N-Seal ProSNS BNC RG-6 Compression Connector 25 Pack

Q: Do these connectors work with the Parts Express compression tool? (360-047)


Switchcraft EH35MMSSCB 3.5mm 3-Conductor Stereo Jack Black with Solder Contacts and 4-40 Screws

Q: Is the mounting frame common to the negative side of the jack?


WBT 0716 Binding Post Mounting Kit

Q: Can these be used with PE binding posts?


JSC Wire 10 AWG Red High Current Power Cable 1 ft. USA

Q: How many feet is a full spool? Is there any discount for buying a full spool?


Parts Express IEC Male to Edison Style Female AC Power Cord Adapter

Q: Parts Express IEC Male to Edison Style Female AC Power Cord Adapter  We have hospital grade power cords for computers that we need to use for laptops. Will this work to convert them?


Parts Express 10A Variac Variable AC Power Transformer 0-130 VAC

Q: Why is the fuse on the 10-Amp model labeled 20 Amps? Wouldn't the unit be overdriven by a 15-Amp circuit (NEMA-15) prior to the building circuit breaker tripping?


CE Labs AV400COMP Component A/V Distribution Amp 4-Out

Q: I have this video amp and lost the power supply in a move. Do you know what volt wall plug I need and if the center is positive or negative


Parts Express 75 to 300 Ohm Matching Transformer

Q: How much signal loss does this balun cause?  At such a low price, I would expect at least 4dB.  I am using a DIY TV antenna, which does not have much gain, so I am try to prevent as much dB loss as possible.


Wired Home DBIRX Infrared Repeater System Kit Dual Band

Q: Will this package work with a cable box?


Parts Express DAC Digital to Analog Converter (5.1-Compatible)

Q: I am using Phonak link to hearing aids. I have the sound bar using the digital out on the Samsung tv.. No tv audio out. Is there a splitter that will allow me to come out of the tv digital to a splitter that has audio out and and digital? any ideas


Mini 1 x 2 HDMI Splitter with 3D

Q: Will this device function to output my HTPC HDMI output to both my receiver and to an HDMI input on my TV? When I listen to vinyl, digital outputs are disabled on my receiver, and I'd like to be able to surf the web while listening to vinyl.


Dayton Audio Shadow Mount AM378 TV Monitor Wall Mount 13"-37"

Q: How stiff are the arm joints and can they be adjusted, i.e., can the junctions be tightened down.  I am looking to use the mount in a van and would like to be sure that the monitor doesn't get banged around with road bumps.  Are there better alternatives?


Dayton Audio Shadow Mount USAM55 Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount for 23"-55"

Q: This is an excellent mount. I installed our new LG 49" smart TV with this mount and it holds it perfectly. WOW what a bargain.  My Question is how do I get the 12 degrees of downward tilt? I see the mechanism behind the vesa frame.


Wired Home WHDVIR100 Digital Speaker Volume Control White

Q: If I don't need to use IR, I will be supplying 12v to rj45 to power this unit. how many amps should I use? is 500ma too much?


ANTOP AV-9017C HDTV Omni-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna with Easy Mount

Q: Would this be suitable for Naples Florida?  What in addition would I need to purchase from you to adequately ground it from lightning strikes?


SMSL Q5 2x50W Amplifier DAC with Optical Coaxial USB Version 2

Q: I read somewhere that the analog input on this amp feeds an ADC. If I connected my phono preamp, would its signal be digitized on its way to the amp? 


SMSL Q5 2x50W Amplifier DAC with Optical Coaxial USB Version 2

Q: If I want to use an Ipad as source and use the DAC - how do I connect it since it should be via optical, USB etc? Apart from the SMSL are there any other mini amps/ DAC's in this price range to compare? tx


Talent MC-2 1" to 1-1/4" Microphone Clip for Handheld Wireless Mics

Q: I have 2 versions of this clip model #, purchased at different times. Is the picture shown on the webpage the version currently shipping? (identified by the lower portion of the clip being cylindrical in cross-section, and open-centered loops that mic


Handheld Dynamic Microphone Black with 10 ft. Cable

Q: What is the size of the grille/windscreen on this microphone?


Dayton Audio SS-SAT Satellite Speaker Stand Black Pair

Q: I have Definitive Tech Pro Monitor 800 The sides are curved - not parallel. Will these stands grip the curved sides, to secure the speakers, OK


Dayton Audio SS-SAT Satellite Speaker Stand Black Pair

Q: There appears to be quite a few reviews that mention poor build quality.  Have there been any recent improvements made to these, such as stronger welds, etc.?


Audio-Technica ATW-R2100 UHF Diversity Wireless

Q: i have a audio-Technica Receiver atw-r2100 and lost the microphone, can I use any microphone for this unit or does it have to be the right frequency


Gator Frameworks GFW-UTILITY-TBL Heavy-Duty Platform Keyboard / Mixer / Utility Table Stand

Q: What is the depth dimension of his table?


Atlas Sound TSD-PS24V2500MA 2500mA 24 VDC TSD Power Supply

Q: My product is SL-C18 fat massage belt , I am not sure plug head will be fit in or not?


Stainless Steel Eye Bolt M10 x 35mm 3 pcs. Eyebolt

Q: can you confirm that these eyebolts are forged?


CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR Tri-7 IRC Remote Control DMX LED Wash Light

Q: How many lights can be controlled with one remote


106 Primary Red Gel Filter Sheet 10" x 10"

Q: I work mostly under lights at night time. Would this product cause any type of fire if it were in a closed space next to a lighting source?


Talent LP64LED Multi-color LED PAR 64 Stage Light Fixture with 181 LEDs

Q: Will these lights cause a "flickering" on video recordings? For instance, while dimming. I see more expensive fixtures advertised as "Flicker Free" and "safe for video recording" but the description for these does not indicate either way.


Bravo Audio Headplug Mini Rechargeable Guitar Headphone Amplifier

Q: Anyone know (or have measured or analyzed circuitry)  INPUT impedence?    Would like to use with an unbuffered Piezo pickup acoustic bass, and the input impedence needs to be a few hundred Kohms for best results.


ART DJ PRE II Phono Preamp with RIAA Equalization

Q: using 100 or200pf on my sure v15 type 4 cartridge sounds the same. what is the correct setting


Allen & Heath ZED-428 4-Bus 24 Mic/Line 4 Stereo In Mixer

Q: We have the Allen & Heath ZED-428 sound board and when I turn the power on all the lights on the board flash on and off, but the board never turns on. Any idea what could be wrong?


Pyle PWMA1050 VHF Wireless Battery Powered PA System

Q: Do you have the FCC ID# of the transmitter.  If you have one in stock it should be on the Mod# / Ser# label on the device


Pyle PT610 Rack Mount PA Amplifier/Mixer

Q: Looking to purchase this amp if it does NOT have mic 1 talkover. I looked up the model number on the Pyle webpage and it looks like their description lists it as a feature but yours does not. Pics are different also. Can you confirm there is no talkover?


TEAC P-a688 Fully Automatic Turntable W/preamp

Q: Drive belt came off turntable and I am too dumb to know how it goes back on.  Can I get some kind of scematic?  Also belt looks a little rough and probably needs replacing?  


Behringer ULM100USB Ultralink USB Wireless Microphone - Wireless Ready

Q: Can you attach a USB hub to the Behringer PPA200 to connect 2 of ULM100 dongles to use 2 mics?


Peavey Lite Case for Rotor Guitar

Q: Will this case fit a 3/4 Peavey Rotor Special guitar?


Dayton Audio XO2W-3K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 3,000 Hz

Q: i have two 5 ohm woofers im going to run in a series to a two way 8 ohm crossover and i want to add a 4 ohm tweeter, what can i do to make this work? or can i run a 4 ohm crossover to my home audio reciever and just wire the woofers straight to crossover


Speaker L-Pad Attenuator 15W Mono 3/8" Shaft 8 Ohm

Q: would these fit for AR-2ax speakers? both tweeter and mid range pots?


Parts Express Speaker L-Pad Attenuator 100W Mono 3/8" Shaft 16 Ohm

Q: Hi, can i use this to attenuate a 12 ohm, 60 watt RMS Sansui tweeter, thanks.


Parts Express Speaker L-Pad Attenuator 100W Stereo 1" Shaft 8 Ohm

Q: can i wire this l-pad in parallel to get it to work as a 4 ohm speaker attenuator?


Mellotone Premium Black Speaker Grill Cloth Yard 64" Wide

Q: Are you able to print onto the cloth?


Parts Express Steel Mesh 2-Piece Grill for 6-1/2" Speaker Black

Q: Will these fit the Peavey Rockola 61/2 inch that you sell?  A picture would be cool too, thanks


15" Bar Grill Chrome

Q: Is this grill tall enough, does it sit far enough off the baffle, to work with my Dayton UM15-22 15" woofers? When the UM15-22's are really pumping, will they hit this grill?


Parts Express Vintage Fender Style Rough Blonde Tolex Vinyl Cabinet Covering Yard 54" Wide

Q: is this the replacement for a 1962 blond fender baseman head with oxblood dark reddish grill??


Penn-Elcom F1686 Rubber Cabinet Foot 1.57" Dia. x 0.61" H

Q: What size bolt is it cut for


Parts Express Cast Frame #10-32 Speaker Mounting Kit

Q: what is the best size Parts Express Cast Frame Speaker Mounting Kit to use to mount 2 twelve inch 300 watt JL audio subwoofers into a atrend sub box with 1 inch mdf speaker mounting baffles ?


3-Segment LED 12" Flexible Gooseneck Mixing Console Lamp with Locking BNC

Q: Can this lamp be dimmed if I add a pot? Some LEDs don't like that kind of thing...


SMH SY175 Series 4 AWG 175A Breakaway DC Power Connector

Q: How can I extract a contact from the plastic housing?


StreetWires BASTC Side To Top Mount Converter Pair

Q: How do I know if these will fit on my battery? My battery has side terminals, but are the screw holes always a standard size/length?


Tymphany NE19VTS-04 3/4" Silk Dome Tweeter

Q: I am looking to pair this tweeter with the Dayton RS 4ohm 7" woofer. The sensitivity specs are confusing to me. The 7" woofer is rated at 89.5db @2.83 volts and the tweeter is 90db 1 watt. Is there a conversion rate? Which is more sensitive?


Selenium ST304-SLF Super Tweeter ABS Housing

Q: I have a Kustom PA50 (small personal PA system) that has 2 4.5-inch woofers @ 4-ohms/50-watts, and a 3.5-inch horn loaded piazio tweeter. Will this tweeter work for me? And could I upgrade the woofers? Don't see any this size. Thanks.


Tang Band T1-1942SB Speaker Module

Q: If I build 250Hz 2nd order high pass passive crossovers for a pair of these will they work well with a pair of 4 ohm 6.5" Dynaudio midbasses with a low pass(also 2nd order) passive network also set at 250Hz? How much power will they handle in this setup?


Tang Band W8-2022 8" RBM Subwoofer 8 Ohm

Q: The cone material states "poly composite", would this material work in a marine environment or in a commercial kitchen environment (lots of steam or extreme moisture) ?


BOSS BV9973 7" Motorized Touchscreen Monitor In-Dash Receiver

Q: How do you get the screen to stay open on a boss bv9973?


BOSS AVA1204 7-Band 6-Channel Out Preamp Equalizer

Q: Are the sub outputs each derived from the left and right inputs independently, or are they both summed low frequency outputs? My car has a factory amplifier that only accommodates a single mono subwoofer input. Could I just use the left sub out?


BOSS PC65.2C PHANTOM 6-1/2" Component Speaker Set 500 Watt

Q: I have a 2009 Saturn Vue I'm replacing the factory stereo system with a new boss system I have a Boss 1500 watt amplifier and I have the 4 500 watt boss crossovers with 4 speekers and 4 tweeters.how do I route the wire connections for the speakers,


BOSS R1004 RIOT 400 Watt 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier

Q: what input connector is used when having to convert the older 2 wire speaker system to plug into amp. boss 400?


Metra 99-7581 Nissan Pathfinder/Frontier/Xterra Suzuki Equator 2005-Up Dash Kit

Q: What about the color , I want grey color or charcoal grey ?


Metra 44-PW22 Universal Car Radio Power Antenna

Q: Where the antenna cable attaches to the Metra 44-PW22 antenna--What EXACTLY is the type/name of the thread-on connector at the end of the antenna cable?  I have the antenna, but the cable with the thread-on connector has gone missing.  Any help?


Harrison Labs FMOD Inline Crossover Pair 100 Hz Low Pass RCA

Q: bought a pair of these a while back for my Mustang GT with a Mach460. However agter installing I get a hum in the speakers when the car is on.  Any way to resolve??


Pyle PLMR51B 5.25" Waterproof Marine Speaker Pair Black

Q: I am putting together a cooler radio. I want to use these speakers which amplifier, wifi module, and battery source would best work with these speakers.


Coustic US-C200 4x50W Amplifier

Q: Can amplifier be operated with 2 channels straight and 2 channels bridged to operate 2 speakers and a subwoofer? Is the X-over adjustable for each channel? How is X-over set up?


Speaker Wire Terminal Plate with 550 Hz Low Pass Filter

Q: What if you use these with a 4ohm woofer?


Aurum Cantus AST30100 Aero Striction Tweeter

Q: What is a good midbass to pair with this or the larger version in a car audio setup?


7" x 10" Horn Tweeter with 1" Titanium Compression Driver

Q: Is there a possibilty of seeing a response chart on this?


2-1/4" Mini Speaker with Wire Harness 8 Ohm NMB 006-1010870-000 57F505N-1

Q: Hi there, I work at a school in the applied arts department. We would like to get the kids to make a small speaker box/dock for their iphones etc. Would this speaker work well for such a project? What else would I need? 200 kids in the year.


Dayton Audio ND65-8 2-1/2" Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: I am looking for a very small speaker to use as rear fill in my truck, which had 5.1 surround. This will be limited from 300hz- 5000hz. Do you think this will work?


Pyle PDMR5 5" Sealed Back Midrange Speaker Driver

Q: I've had these a while.  I've been messing with the construction of my 3-way speakers for a long time.  Never happy with the sound.  Reading the reviews.  Is it possible to open the back? Drill? Change the sound style of these?


Pyle PDW21250 21" High Power Subwoofer

Q: Hi i had a cv5000 amplifier just wondering if i can parallel this two pyle PDW21250 bridged in 4 ohms?also if i can use this speaker in folder horn thanks...


GRS 8FR-8 Full-Range 8" Speaker Pioneer Type B20FU20-51FW

Q: At what approximate frequency does the breakup mode start on this driver?


GRS 3FR-4 Full Range 3" Speaker Driver 4 Ohm

Q: Is there a frequency response plot available for these? Also, can anyone speak to the dispersion characteristics of these? They say they go up to 16khz, but at what frequency (a rough guess is fine) does their dispersion narrow to under 90 degrees?


GRS 6AS-4 6-1/2" Dual Cone Replacement Car Speaker 4 Ohm

Q: I am trying to replace a 6" round but is sort of squarish around the bolt holes because they are oval. The bolt holes in mine are 4 3/8 cc and the height is 2 1/8 inches. Frame is 6".  Please compare this to yours.


Visaton FR13WP-4 Outdoor 5" Full Range Waterproof Speaker 4 Ohm Black

Q: what is the low end frequency range? 


Visaton K 28 WP 1.1" Miniature Speaker 8 Ohm

Q: Can this speaker be powered off of a head phone jack and mounted inside a helmet?


FaitalPRO 3FE25 3" Professional Full-Range Woofer 4 Ohm

Q: can i use this driver with a small class D amp 20 wrms 4ohms for a portable mini guitar amp in a open bafle like all guitar amplifier ? or should i make a bass reflex box like 0.09 ft3


Celestion Replacement Diaphragm for CDX1-1415/1425/1430 16 Ohm

Q: I have a CDX1-1425 Celestion horn driver that is blown, but I'm not sure if it's a 8 or 16 ohm. Is there any marks to distinguish them apart?  It's out of a Carvin LS 1523 speaker cabinet that is 4ohm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Celestion BL12-200X 12" 200W Bass Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm

Q: Will this speaker be okay if used in an open back combo amp?


Peavey Pro 10 Low Frequency 10" Speaker Driver

Q: Peavey Pro 10 Low Frequency 10" Speaker Driver can i use Kenwood KAC-7005PS car power amp for this product?


Peavey BWX SC-18 Neodymium 18" Woofer Speaker

Q: when they will have in inventory? Peavey BWX SC-18 Neodymium 18


Dayton Audio PS95-8 3-1/2" Point Source Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

Q: When will the 4 ohm version be available?


Dayton Audio RS100-8 4" Reference Full-Range Driver



Dayton Audio ES180Ti-8 7" Esoteric Series Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: Hello, Any chance there are any FRD & ZMA files for this driver and the tweeter? Thanks!


Dayton Audio RSS265HO-4 10" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: Can anyone tell me how big is the magnet I want to know the size of the magnet . I want to know the thickness in measurements 


Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 15" Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm

Q: I have an old Velodyne F-1500 enclosure with a bad driver. Exploded the VC, no simple trick I suspect. If this a good match for that cabinet IF I also change out the amp? And.. what amp would be good?


Dayton Audio SD315-PR 12" Passive Radiator

Q: What is the limit for the added mass on this passive radiator?


5" Paper Cone Midbass Shielded Woofer 8 Ohm

Q: Would this be a good speaker for a small guitar speaker cabinet - possible two drivers in ported enclosure?  If so, what dimensions or sq. ft. and port number/size?


Dayton Audio DTA-120 Class T Mini Amplifier 60 WPC

Q: Follow up to the 2 pairs of ceiling speakers question. Can I add a preamp prior to the DTA-120 to boost the audio output?


Dayton Audio DTA-2 Class T Digital Audio Amplifier Module

Q: I would like to wire additional LEDs from the power LED to light up the faceplate of an old radio and need to know what resistor to use.  Does the power LED get 12V from the board?  Or is it 5V?


Wired Home IWS-AB In Wall A-B Speaker Switch

Q: can this switch 2 line level input? with out loosing to much voltage?


Dayton Audio Sub-Link XR 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver System for Subwoofers

Q: I understand that it is possible to use one transmitter to transmit to two receivers. Would the signal be degraded by doing this or would both sub woofers receive identical signals.


Dayton Audio DAX66 6-Source 6-Room Distributed Whole House Audio System with Keypads 25 WPC

Q: This item only has 1 review.  I would like to know how it sounds from someone who has it installed or has tested the unit.  I am concerned about the S/N ratio of >85 db.  Do you notice any noise?  How is the overall sound quality?


Dayton Audio APA100 Class AB Stereo Amplifier 60 WPC

Q: What's the noise floor like at high volume, especially with sensitive speakers?  My trusty DTA-100a isn't a very good match for my newer 8 ohm full rangers and I hear a good deal of "hiss" between songs at high volume or even with the source powered off.


Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2" Bookshelf Speaker Pair with AMT Tweeter

Q: What is the value of the capacitor mounted on the speaker terminals? I'm guessing 3.3uf?


Solstice MLTL Reference Tower Speaker Kit

Q: Are you going to offer a components only kit, as I am a professional woodworker?


Solstice MLTL Reference Tower Speaker Kit

Q: The cabinet type is a mass-loaded transmission line. I confess it looks more like a ported speaker to me. My concern is if I treat the speaker like a transmission line and damp the heck out of it will I lose bass? I want to line inside with thick felt.


Dayton Audio 8" Reference Series HO Subwoofer and Cabinet Bundle

Q: What is the largest plate amp/wattage that will fit the cut-up for this set-up. Thanks.


Dayton Audio 3-1/2" Full-Range Speaker Starter Kit with Encl

Q: Could you please recommend a port size for this driver and enclosure?


Dayton Audio 7" Two-Way Speaker Starter Kit with Enclosure

Q: No crossover?


Dayton Audio MCWA60 60W Class D Plate Amplifier with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 aptX

Q: Where are the THD specs on this amp ?


Dayton Audio MCWA60 60W Class D Plate Amplifier with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 aptX

Q: Are extra IR remote controls available for purchase? I'd be afraid to lose the remote, given that it appears to be the only way to control the amp.


NuVo NV-MPS4-E Music Port Server Elite

Q: Will the nv-mps4-e work with the renovia?


Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit

Q: Has anyone used a pc with a decent 7.1 sound card (I have a Xonar D2) and dsp software to provide the properly filtered signals to drive the CDT-36 (I have a 5.1 system and the CBT-36 would be biamped from the sound card).


Dayton Audio RS722 Speaker Kit w/o Cabinet

Q: My receiver has an 8 and 4 ohm setting.  Which should I use with these speakers?


Pyle PTA1 Mini 2x15W Stereo Amplifier

Q: Will this amp support a push-to-talk mic? If so, do you sell push-to-talk mics? If music is playing will the mic cut out the music when using mic? Thank you.


Kinter A7 2-Ch Mini Amplifier for Motorcycles with IR and Handlebar Mount Remotes USB MP3 2x20W

Q: Can the mp3 or usb tracks be put on repeat?


2x50W TDA7492 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: What would happen if I hooked up a 12v 30A power supply instead of a 14v 6A supply?


1x600W TAS5630 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: I want to do a car stereo for a friend using these amps, and I would like to power a 15" ultimax subwoofer which has two 2ohm voice coils and a total power rating of around 1kw. Would it be possible/advisable to use two of these modules with two psu's?


2x250W IRS2092 Class-D Amplifier Board

Q: I am using this board with a pair of the suggested power supplies.  When I power it on both supplies run and the blue LEDs on the amplifier board light up transiently then go off.  The manual is no help.  Any suggestions for troubleshooting?  Thanks


24 VDC 14.6A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply

Q: Could this power 1 of the 6x100 class D Amps along with 3 Raspberry pi's I'm building a multi-zone home audio box.


Parts Express Aluminum Heat Sink Kit 109.3 x 58.5 x 18mm

Q: Do the slots in this Heatsink line up with the mounting holes of a 50mm Fan ?


2x8W at 4 Ohm TPA3110 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board

Q: I'm thinking of a project using this board and I may want to throw a 4 ohm speaker on one channel and an 8 ohm on the other. Is that a terrible idea, or will that work out?


2x8W at 4 Ohm TPA3110 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board

Q: The PE description says the power supply can be a maximum of 16 volts while the Sure users manual states a maximum of 19 volts.  Which is correct?  If the Sure manual is correct, would a 19.5 volt supply be safe to use?


2x8W at 4 Ohm TPA3110 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board

Q: what is J8 for? where can i connect a pot for gain control? thanks


2x25W at 4 Ohm TDA7492 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board Only

Q: I'm confused. There seems to be different iterations of the same model. The one in the manual states a volume control board is required, but the one in the picture I see holes to put in potentiometres. Which one do you sell?


4x100W at 4 Ohm TK2050 Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier Board

Q: I'm a bit confused about the wiring for the holes in between the 2 RCA inputs. Planning on using a potentiometre and then wire the line level inputs to those holes. That's what they're for, right, and if so what are the wiring schematics?


4x100W at 4 Ohm TK2050 Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier Board

Q: There are two conflicting descriptions about this product and I'm trying to clarify which is "more" accurate: On PE product page "two TC2000 and four TP2050 ... this Class-T audio amplifier"; On the box "Class-D Audio Amp Board - STA508".


Yuan-Jing 6N3 Tube Pre-amplifier Board

Q: ac power requirement is 24v-0-24 ac voltage but in the specs 12acvoltage is written im confused please clarify


Yuan-Jing LM1875 2.1 Channel Amplifier Board 2 x 25W + 1 x 50W

Q: Can I run this amp off a 12volt battery?


Yuan-Jing TDA7293 Dual Mono Amplifier Board Bundle 2 x 85W

Q: What input level is required to get 85 watts?


Yuan-Jing Burr-Brown PGA2311 Remote Digital Volume Control Preamplifier Kit with LCD Display

Q: How would you wire the power supply (120-1030) into this board?


Yuan-Jing Dual LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier Board with 6N11 Tube Preamplifier 68 Watts x 2

Q: you mentioned require volaages but not talking about its ampere


Yuan-Jing Dual LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier Board with 6N11 Tube Preamplifier 68 Watts x 2

Q: one more question: value of potentiometer required for this amp please


Yuan-Jing Dual LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier Board with 6N11 Tube Preamplifier 68 Watts x 2

Q: do you have a potentiometer for this amp if a buy this amp and the power supply unit


High Torque Automotive Trunk Release Module

Q: If I was to install one of the Trunk Release Modules on my Truck Tailgate would I need two Modules one for each latch?


Ferrofluid 100uL General Purpose for 1" Diameter V.C.

Q: EV 1829 - never had FF. The FF tubes won't produce one drop!? After three tubes I could barely see a coating on the inside pole piece and none on the outer. Description says 75% fill, does this mean a coating on both sides of gap with a hump-out visible??


Ferrofluid 900uL General Purpose for 4" Diameter V.C.

Q: What is the exact type of fluid in this product? For compression drivers FF recommends S15N . Thanks.


Rescue Tape 1" x 12 ft. Clear

Q: Hello, i know this product says its clear but I wanted to double check how clear. We are thinking about using it on gall as a barrier to keep it from getting scratched but would need it to be almost optically clear to not hinder any read through. 


Digital Multimeter DMM with Convenient Tilt Display

Q: How accurate are the ohms, amps, volts measurements with this meter?


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36. Local Critic4636
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39. RoryB4272
41. Sound Advice4018
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69. bigrich2537
71. Mr Anderson2417
73. musiCal2427
72. Audio Nut2420
70. Dr. Zhivago2423
74. Guangui2416
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