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Speaker Building & Repair

Keep your PA speaker operating at its peak potential, or go ahead and build that new custom design you've been tinkering with. This is your one-stop resource for all of the bits and pieces you need to keep a pro audio system going strong. We stock cabinet and driver hardware, grill cloth, and enclosure covering materials like carpet and veneer, as well as all of the popular types of internal damping materials: acoustic foam, polyfill, and spray-on compounds.

Ready to create your own speaker, but want to save time? Try one of our pre-built passive PA crossover networks, or assemble one of our knock-down speaker enclosures. Need to replace a failed HF driver diaphragm, or swap a blown woofer's basket? At Parts Express, you're sure to get all of the components and expert advice you need to complete your next PA speaker construction or repair project.

Speaker Building & Repair at parts express
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