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12V Power & Battery Accessories

There's far more to a successful mobile audio installation than simply stocking up on subwoofers, mid-high speakers, head units, and amplifiers. For your system to come together easily and reliably, you should consider all of the different 12V power and battery accessories that go into a peak-performing installation. Owning all of the great gear in the world can't do you much good if it's not powered properly.

It's the little things: 12V relays and sockets, battery clamps, grounding blocks, fuses and fuse holders, and crimp terminals. There are major components as well, such as heavy-gauge power cable, complete amplifier wiring kits, and power capacitors. Shop for your mobile audio power accessories at Parts Express and choose from great brands like 3M, Boss Audio, Carol Cable, Littelfuse, P3, Streetwires, and more!

12V Power and Battery Accessories at parts express
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