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Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit

Brand:|Model: CBT36K|Part # 301-980

Employing breakthrough technology developed by the legendary Don B. Keele, Audio Artistry's CBT36K line array loudspeaker kit is defined by its incredibly consistent, broad, and deep coverage—as well as stunning dynamic range, flat frequency response, and low distortion!
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Part # 301-980
  • Astonishing imaging and accuracy
  • Extremely flat and consistent on- and off-axis response
  • Advanced line array design controls soundstage with unerring focus
  • Vastly reduces floor, ceiling, and wall reflections
  • Use of multiple low-distortion drivers provides superior dynamic range
  • Uniform coverage maximizes optimum listening area - no sweet spot!
  • Defies inverse square law - no difference in level, from inches to ten feet away!

Product Details

Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit

The Audio Artistry CBT36 is a floor-standing 5 ft.-tall 2-way curved line array that provides sonic accuracy and soundfield coverage control surpassing even the finest high-end loudspeakers.

Based upon declassified military research on Constant-Beamwidth underwater sound Transducers (CBT) originated by the US Navy, the system was designed and implemented by Marshall Kay and Don Keele of Audio Artistry, Inc.

Each CBT36K kit array features 18 Dayton Audio 3-1/2" ND Series aluminum cone drivers along with 72 specially designed 3/4" aluminum dome tweeters. The CBT36K will redefine your expectations of audio reproduction system performance!

Specifications: • Recommended amplifier power: LF: 50 to 500 watts RMS, HF: 50 to 150 watts RMS • Power handling: LF:  45 volts RMS (500 watts @ 4 ohms), HF: 25 volts RMS (150 watts @ 4 ohms) • Impedance (LF, HF): 4 ohms • Frequency response: 45 - 20,000 Hz • Requires four channels of amplification and a digital loudspeaker controller • Dimensions: 61" H x 7" W x 25" D (at base).

A revolutionary new system based on CBT theory:

Marshall Kay and Don Keele of Audio Artistry brought their concept to reality in conjunction with electronics supplier Parts Express and its Dayton Audio brand of loudspeaker components to create the CBT36, the world's first broadband constant directivity (CD) loudspeaker system for the home. The CBT36 system provides extremely even coverage and flat frequency response at all locations in the listening room.

CBT theory:

CBT, which stands for Constant Beamwidth Transducer, is a loudspeaker line array technology pioneered by Don Keele in six Audio Engineering Society technical papers, and is based on unclassified military underwater sound research. For more in-depth information around the theory of CBT theory as it applies to loudspeakers, check out the CBT Project Page.

System description:

Each CBT36 contains 18 each 3-1/2" full-range drivers, used as mid woofers, and 72 each 3/4" diameter wide-band tweeters, that are crossed over by your outboard digital controller at 1 kHz. The drivers are mounted on a front panel that has a 36° circular-arc with the system standing about five ft. tall, a width of about 7", and a depth at the base of about 25".


The 3-1/2" drivers are Dayton Audio's ND91, which were designed specifically for the CBT36 system. The ND91 utilizes a Neo-Balanced 1" underhung motor that is capable of over 10 mm of peak excursion and features a shorting ring to help keep distortion under control. The 3/4" diameter tweeters are also made by Dayton Audio, and are mounted on PC boards in groups of four to ease assembly and optimize center-to-center spacing.

Designed specifically to eliminate the detrimental effects of floor reflections:

The CBT36 is intended to operate over a reflective ground plane and does not suffer from destructive floor-bounce effects. The curved line array of 72 tweeters extends all the way down to the floor to take advantage of the ground-plane acoustic reflection. Effectively, the floor provides a reflective surface that acoustically extends the array below floor level and thus creates an array that is over 10 ft. tall and controls vertical coverage and directivity down to below 160 Hz!

The vertical and horizontal coverage of the CBT36 greatly reduces ceiling and wall reflections:

Above-the-floor vertical coverage of the CBT36 is a narrow 28º that is extremely stable with frequency. This greatly reduces ceiling reflections as compared to a typical box-style system. In addition, the horizontal coverage, which is very broad, narrows as you go around the side of the system, which also significantly minimizes side wall reflections.

Extremely even coverage, with no sweet-spot listening axis:

The CBT36 has extremely well-behaved and smooth coverage from locations well above the array to points even down at floor level, and at distances from directly in front of the speaker to points in the rear of the listening room. The horizontal coverage is extremely broad and uniform even out to plus or minus 90º. The CBT36's variation of loudness with distance is also very unique. At standing height, the system's volume level hardly changes over a range from directly in front of the system to points 10 ft. away!

Maximum SPL and minimum distortion:

The system can be played extremely loudly and remains very clean and effortless at all levels. The large number of drivers minimizes distortion, and driven with powerful amplifiers the system can generate very high instantaneous peaks.

System requirements:

Each CBT36 loudspeaker array must be bi-amped and requires a DSP-based speaker processor along with two stereo power amplifiers. For extended bass response below 45 Hz, one or two powerful subwoofers are required.

What's Included:

QtyPart NumberDescription
36290-226Dayton Audio ND91-8 3-1/2" Aluminum Cone Driver 8 Ohm
36N/AFour-Element 3/4" Tweeter Module Assembly
1N/ALine Array Cabinet Left
1N/ALine Array Cabinet Right
2260-317Acousta-Stuf Polyfill 1 lb. Bag
1260-400Speaker Sealing Caulk
2092-052Neutrik NL4MP Speakon 4-Pole Panel Mount Connector
2005-1Mills 1 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
10005-1.5Mills 1.5 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
4005-2Mills 2 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
2005-2.5Mills 2.5 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
4005-3Mills 3 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
4005-5Mills 5 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor
1101-804NTE Stranded 18 AWG Hook-Up Wire Red 25 ft.
1101-800NTE Stranded 18 AWG Hook-Up Wire Black 25 ft.
1101-816NTE Stranded 18 AWG Hook-Up Wire Gray 25 ft.
1101-808NTE Stranded 18 AWG Hook-Up Wire Yellow 25 ft.
1101-860NTE Stranded 24 AWG Hook-Up Wire Black 25 ft.
1101-864NTE Stranded 24 AWG Hook-Up Wire Red 25 ft.
1101-868NTE Stranded 24 AWG Hook-Up Wire Yellow 25 ft.
1370-050Kester Pocket Pack Solder 60/40 0.031" 0.50 oz. Tube
1N/AMiscellaneous Hardware
1N/AAssembly Manual

Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit includes the following items:
Qty Part # Item
1999-279CBT36 Line Array Cabinet Right
1999-276CBT36 Line Array Cabinet Left
1999-277CBT36 Line Array Components
No substitutions allowed. The above may include some items that are not available for purchase separately.

Product Specifications
  • Cabinet OptionsUnfinished/Unassembled
  • Speaker TypeLine Array
  • Woofer Diameter3-1/2"
  • Input Rating4 ohm
  • ConfigurationFull-range
  • ColorUnfinished
  • Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D)61" x 7" x 25" (at base)
Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit
  • BrandAudio Artistry Inc.
  • ModelCBT36K
  • Part Number301-980
  • UPC844632094125
  • Product CategorySpeaker Kits
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Product Rating
    (4 Reviews)
  • Weight80 lbs.
  • California Prop 65

    Warning: California residents only. Please note per Proposition 65 that this product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Audio Artistry CBT36K Line Array Speaker Pair Kit

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