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Video: 19 Range Digital Multimeter

19 Range Digital Multimeter

In this video: Joe shows us how easy the Digital Multimeter is to use and why its worth buying more than one. 

This 19 Range Digital Multimeter offers you versatile features of a high end multimeter for a fraction of the price. At a price this low you can afford to put one in every tool box, glove box or test bench.

The unit can measure:

  • DCV (0,1mV - 1000V) 
  • ACV (0,1V - 750V) 
  • DCA (0,1mA - 10A)  
  • Ohm (0,1O - 2MO) diode forward voltage drop 
  • hFE for bipolar PNP and NPN transistors.

Item # : 390-500
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